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Week - 668

Can I Use Your Shoe?
by tedypicker
Description: Friends always find the best way to tell you the truth.

Art by chantili_doce

Week - 682

The Color May Change It All
by tedypicker
Description: Illusen or Jhudora? Illudora may sound better.

Also by chantili_doce

Week - 683

Patience is a Virtue
by tedypicker
Description: The Left Boot

Also by chantili_doce

Week - 721

Neolodge vs. Kadoatery
by tedypicker
Description: Ouch, that's gotta hurt

Also by chantili_doce

Week - 764

Out of This World Romance
by hopeandjoy
Description: No. I'm just green.

Also by chantili_doce

Week - 788

Chia Greeting Cards
by hopeandjoy
Description: We'd make a great pear!

Also by chantili_doce

Week - 790

Chia Greeting Cards Part 2
by hopeandjoy
Description: Peachy!

Also by chantili_doce

Week - 850

To your left....wait, your other left!!!
by chantili_doce
Description: Okay weewoos now let's get in formation

Week - 906

Best Neopian Achievements
by malphd
Description: Celebrating Neopian Achievements Art by Chantili_Doce

Week - 944

Four Seasons of the Fanatic Techo
by javascripter
Description: We all know the best season! Collab with g_elena__uu_g and chantili_doce

Week - 950

It's that time of the year again
by javascripter
Description: Happy 950th edition! Collab with doug_henrique and chantili_doce

Week - 953

An Interview with the Artist of the Maraquan Project
by digitally_cool
Description: Veronica sits down for an interview with Neopian artist, Chanty. Collab with chantili_doce

Week - 959

How I feel when my Maraquan Kiko won *MY* Neopies.
by chantili_doce
Description: Maraquan Kiko is baby.

Week - 960

Selling NT-Readers!
by doug_henrique
Description: Quite literally what it says in the ad. collab with javascripter and chantili_doce

Week - 960

Self appreciation this Valentine's Day
by chasingshadow
Description: Self care is the best care! collab with dependence and chantili_doce

Week - 992

The Box from 10,000 Years Ago
by chantili_doce
Description: Join the journey of Teca, the valiant Fire Wocky knight from Meridell, alongside her blind Uni companion, Vyim. Together.

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