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Week - 966

Two Faerie Techos
by redpirate21
Description: Thank you for taking the time to read my submission!

Week - 968

Interview with the Almost Abandoned Attic Visitors
by redpirate21
Description: "...there is a small peculiar shop located deep in Haunted Woods that litters with Neopians from all walks of life: the Almost Abandoned Attic, or more commonly known as AAA among its frequent visitors."

Week - 970

Life as a Pea Chia
by redpirate21
Description: Pllumpy the Pea Chia lived on a small garden and farm house located in the kingdom of Brightvale. Sally, owner of the estate, had two other Neopets, Lance the Spotted Gelert and Gust the White Pteri. However, Plumpy was, without a doubt, her favorite. Life was good here, or so he thought...

Week - 974

All we want for Christmas is you!
by redpirate21
Description: Merry Christmas!

Week - 975

975 Mysteries of Neopia: The Chia Edition
by redpirate21
Description: "The world of Neopia, vast and diverse with its rich and vibrant history, is home to Neopians and Neopets alike."

Week - 983

Not your lucky day!
by redpirate21
Description: Could be worse!

Week - 986

Careful what you wish for!
by redpirate21
Description: Tone down on the donation

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