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Week - 973

A Surprising Present
by gentle_lil_queen
Description: "The spotted Pteri gaped as she entered the room to find her family in front of her, holding out various presents..."

Week - 975

Capitulations of the Fae
by gentle_lil_queen
Description: "'Alright, now, your parents should be here any moment.' The little Kacheek looked up to the light faerie guiding them..."

Week - 980

Weathering the Bananza
by gentle_lil_queen
Description: "A small, sentient Shadow Cybunny plushie cheered from their perch between Gimmer’s Spotted Pteri feathers as Flower the Faerie Ixi examined the wheel items closely."

Week - 986

A Day for Siblings at the Altador Cup
by gentle_lil_queen
Description: "The warm morning light shone over the Altador mountains and illuminated the crowds in and outside of the Colosseum..."

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