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Week - 953

Helpful Tips for Raking in Random Avatars
by thebeanies
Description: Several tips of the avatar-collecting trade!

Week - 954

A new friend!
by keruza
Description: An unexpected new member for the family. collab with thebeanies

Week - 958

A New Petpet Owner
by keruza
Description: An Usul learns how to be a good petpet owner. collab with thebeanies

Week - 960

Being a good petpet owner
by keruza
Description: Fatherhood can be tough. collab with thebeanies

Week - 966

An Updated Game Guide for Nabbing Neopoints
by thebeanies
Description: "In the past, one of the most lucrative ways to make Neopoints was to hunker down with your Neopet and spend some time playing flash games!" Collab with aishaservant2206

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