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Week - 296

An Unexpected Treasure
by petitehirondelline
Description: I couldn't believe it. I had this marvelous island right in front of me. I had found it. It took me a while to understand...

Week - 307

Exploding Cookies
by petitehirondelline
Description: You should be careful.

Week - 315

Haunted Graveyard
by petitehirondelline
Description: Walking against the strong gusts of wind and in spite of the creepy-looking slimy trees at the entrance, Patch entered the Graveyard...

Week - 327

Customisation Conundrum: To Dung or Not to Dung
by mazoku_kuiin
Description: One item has caused controversy since the customisation program has been created.

Co-written by petitehirondelline

Week - 346

Mystery Island Exploration – Jungle Fauna
by petitehirondelline
Description: I, Lillooh the white Xweetok, am going to explore Mystery Island's wildlife!

Week - 349

Mystery Island Exploration – Aquatic Fauna
by petitehirondelline
Description: Today, we are going to dive into the unexplored depths of the lakes and seas around Mystery Island!

Week - 419

Lost Desert Exploration – Dune Fauna
by petitehirondelline
Description: I'm going directly to the Lost Desert for a new adventure!

Week - 467

Haunted Woods Exploration – Spooky Fauna
by petitehirondelline
Description: Join me in the Haunted Woods, where I will explore the fauna found deep in creepy dark forests and fearsome graveyards!

Week - 475

Terror Mountain Exploration – Arctic Fauna
by petitehirondelline
Description: Terror Mountain is even colder than usual, but nothing can stop me from informing you, dear readers, about the Petpets that surround us.

Week - 488

by petitehirondelline
Description: Let's go to kelp!

Week - 500

The Last Copy of the 500th Issue
by petitehirondelline
Description: Something horrible has happened, dear Neopians! The white little Weewoo needs your help. Let me explain what happened.

Also by talacheziggy

Week - 965

La rivière empoisonnée - Partie 1
by petitehirondelline
Description: "Persil était bien confortablement installé au pied d’un grand chêne. Le soleil brillait et la délicate brise effleurait doucement les poils de la fourrure noir et blanc du jeune Gelert à Pois en cette agréable journée de printemps."

Week - 966

La rivière empoisonnée - Partie 2
by petitehirondelline
Description: The compelling conclusion!

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