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Week - 956

Castle Planner's Journal: The Crypts
by ferretboy85
Description: "Anyway, it's happened again. The gardeners are complaining that the flowerbeds are still flooding! The gardens won’t look pretty this summer without flowers!”

Week - 959

Castle Planners Journal: The Cheese Incident
by ferretboy85
Description: "An orange Bori stood at the top of a tall tower looking out across all of Meridell. This watch tower afforded him a great view of all of the castle that he was responsible for, specifically, the bright red roofing tiles."

Week - 960

Castle Planner’s Journal: The Wailing Room
by ferretboy85
Description: A mysterious sound has spooked the residents of the castle. How can our architecture nerd save the day from this mysterious monster!

Week - 962

Castle Planner’s Journal: The Missing Crevice
by ferretboy85
Description: As Sir Borodere digs up an old memory, a familiar voice calls for help! How can our Castle Planner help out this time?

Week - 963

Castle Planners Journal: The Buried Medallion
by ferretboy85
Description: "Gaius the Bori climbed up the tall pile of dirt that he had created, and wiped some of the mud off his claws. Up a couple of feet higher on the dirt pile, he could get a slightly better view of the floor plan he had made so far."

Week - 965

The Knight’s Club - Part 1
by ferretboy85
Description: "The most famous knights in the lands always struggle to catch a break from their fans to just unwind, so they created a club to do just that. Will they actually get to relax?"

Week - 966

The Knight’s Club - Part 2
by ferretboy85
Description: The penultimate chapter!

Week - 964

Castle Planners Journal: The Lost Oubliette
by ferretboy85
Description: "In the deep depths of Meridell Castle, an Orange Bori rubbed the cold, damp late Winter air out of his frigid paws. He descended the stairs toward the dungeons, his least favourite part of the castle."

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