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Week - 496

by 77thbigby
Description: You have never heard of me, but I am Frostburn the Chia. I am an explorer, much like you. I have heard of your skills...

Week - 535

A Trip to Faerieland
by 77thbigby
Description: Monty and Sally's mother was a baker. She wasn't known world-wide, but she was good at what she did. Her children could attest to that.

Week - 545

In Chronological Order: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: "My first memory is of me finding a Brown Moehog Morphing Potion. It was hot that day and I was tired and thirsty..."

Week - 546

In Chronological Order?: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: I tried to walk past but that lead weight paw slammed down on my shoulder. Phoenix took all of my Neopoints and flew away. I was now back where I had started...

Week - 567

Lofty's Wings
by 77thbigby
Description: "Wings," I gasped, my blue eyes stretched wide in wonder.

Week - 573

Rainbow in the Woods
by 77thbigby
Description: "Haunted Woods Orphanage," ten year old Amalia read the large stone sign, a tad hard to read due to its weatherworn appearance.

Week - 576

by 77thbigby
Description: The jelly Shoyru flew, lightning fast, from her Neohome in the Haunted Woods to Neopia Central. She did this often. She was going to meet her best friend for lunch...

Week - 582

Surprise with a Twist
by 77thbigby
Description: "I heard that you needed something to do with your life. I need help with a surprise party I'm throwing. So, are you game?"

Week - 583

Voyages: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: My name is Aed. Though, it was not always my name. In fact, I received my name only after the first fourteen years of my life were uselessly wasted. I am a blue Tonu and I was born in Tyrannia. I was born at the end of the last war.

Week - 584

Voyages: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: A Grobrin stood to the side. As I approached, it snapped its jaws, revealing an overflow of deadly white teeth in warning.

Week - 594

The Opposite of Wild
by 77thbigby
Description: Incubus moved briskly through the snow. It was the month of Awakening and the yellow Lupe was six moons old. He was now old enough to travel in his pack's territory on the Endless Plains alone.

Week - 601

How to Make Friends
by 77thbigby
Description: "Lucky! Lillian Grace is the easiest kid in Neopia to watch. Speaking of watching kids... would you mind helping me?"

Week - 602

To Be A Big Girl
by 77thbigby
Description: She was going to be ten years old in a month and she no longer wanted to be called a baby.

Week - 605

Just a Phase
by 77thbigby
Description: "I'm sure you're all wondering what you're doing here," Legend said.

Week - 617

Collared Greens
by 77thbigby
Description: "It's a good thing you decided to take me home with you, Uncle Inc. I was about to clobber Yekaterina and Zach," Brandi said.

Week - 628

An Ogrin's Wild Life
by 77thbigby
Description: Og didn't object when Lofty took the lead off the trail. The Ogrin's biggest fear was of getting lost but he was currently with the one Neopet who never did.

Week - 630

Say Hello to My Little Friend
by 77thbigby
Description: "I want a Petpet, X. No matter where you are, you always have a best friend with you. She doesn't judge you and she loves you no matter what you do."

Week - 631

Making Sense
by 77thbigby
Description: "So, what did you and my uncle talk about?" Brandi asked immediately.

Adino smiled. "Brandi, Alpha Inc wants me to teach you about your senses."

Week - 636

No End in Sight
by 77thbigby
Description: "Look here, Henry. It says that some believe that at the end of a rainbow lies a pot of gold. Whoever gets there first gets the gold..."

Week - 637

A Game
by 77thbigby
Description: "We're going to play a game. Each of you will track another pet and lead said pet back here. There is no time limit."

Week - 638

Flying Lessons
by 77thbigby
Description: For the past five and a half months, Brandi the nine year old orange Aisha had been unable to think of little else: flying.

Week - 644

A Summer of Service: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: Adam looked up at Nisha. "It's time for us to go."

I wish I could go with you, Nisha thought with longing.

Week - 645

A Summer of Service: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: "I'm glad you didn't ask us to help you escape," the shadow Eyrie said.

Week - 646

A Summer of Service: Part Three
by 77thbigby
Description: "Roger, let Brogan go, please. He can't tell anyone about you or your flock," Nisha said.

Week - 652

Magic, Mountains and Mystery: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: The lone figure looked stealthily first one way and then another. The road in Neopia Central was very busy as usual but no one paid any heed to the figure with the hooded face...

Week - 653

Magic, Mountains and Mystery: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: With that, Snar turned away but soon ducked into a nearby doorway. After reading the directions thoroughly, she applied the invisibility potion to the egg, making sure it was completely covered...

Week - 656

Being a Big Brother
by 77thbigby
Description: Og was standing on the bank of the pond in front of his Neohome, tossing diving rings for his yellow Mallard, Alla.

Week - 658

The Invisible Menace: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: Adino narrowed his eyes and twitched his nose. "Can't you smell that?"

"Smell what?"

Week - 659

The Invisible Menace: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: "Do you know that you're only the second ghost I've ever met in my entire life? How are you pulling the carriage? I thought ghosts weren't solid. Hey, why do you look so nervous?"

Week - 660

How Trouble and I Met
by 77thbigby
Description: "Lofty, how did you come upon Trouble, anyway?" Sweet asked.

Week - 661

The Lost Child: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: "Mother, may we please go to the park?" Zachary, one of the eight-year-old Gelert twins, asked Nisha.

Week - 662

The Lost Child: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: "Who is this kid?" Lure asked, waving one hand vaguely at Angela.

"She's a Torch," Vicki said, wondering if omitting her surname originally had been a slip-up...

Week - 663

Twenty-Four Hours
by 77thbigby
Description: A wraith Korbat emerged into the halo of light cast by the lamp. The Korbat curled his lip in disgust at the stranger...

Week - 666

Worst Day Ever
by 77thbigby
Description: "Have you ever had a day that you wish you could do over, again?"

Week - 672

To Space!: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: The orange Aisha lay out on the roof of her Neohome, blue gaze sad. For the last six months, ever since her twelfth birthday, Brandi had had a new obsession: space.

Week - 673

To Space!: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: Brandi stood too, setting Abacuc on the floor beside her. She could sense that the alien Aisha wished to be alone and she was eager to explore the haunted mansion.

Week - 674

To Space!: Part Three
by 77thbigby
Description: "Everyone seems to be good at something, except me," Brandi said.

Week - 675

To Space!: Part Four
by 77thbigby
Description: "Follow me. We'll visit the Neocola Machine," Agneza said, beginning to bound...

Week - 676

To Space!: Part Five
by 77thbigby
Description: "Did you enjoy the tour, Brandi?" Agneza asked, voice carefully neutral.

"Yes, I did," Brandi said hesitantly, unable to meet Agneza's gaze.

Week - 677

To Space!: Part Six
by 77thbigby
Description: Scooping her Petpet into her arms, she showed him the screen and said close to his ear, "High score, Abacuc! On that note, let's get some lunch!"

Week - 678

To Space!: Part Seven
by 77thbigby
Description: "I enjoy being different. Don't you?"

Week - 679

All in One
by 77thbigby
Description: The middle aged yellow Lupe smiled to himself. It was field trip day for the Collared Greens.

Week - 680

Firebrand and Livewire
by 77thbigby
Description: The yellow Lupe looked at the Neomail that he held in one large hand. Memories flooded him, made him recall a snowy day when he had still been a wild young Lupe.

Week - 681

Poof!: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: "Wait! Where's Ponder?" Sycamore asked.

The Kookith shrugged his shoulders.

Week - 682

Poof!: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: Ponder stepped into the open, heart pounding. He began to wend his way through the crowd...

Week - 683

Desert Sojourn: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: The sun beat down from a clear sky. The Desert Eyrie and brown Pteri didn't care. It had been a long hard journey to reach the Lost Desert...

Week - 684

Desert Sojourn: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: Dragao, Henry, and Atroye entered the archives. They were in a long hall with closed doors on either side.

"How far does it go back?" Henry asked, in awe.

Week - 685

Desert Sojourn
by 77thbigby
Description: King Jazan gazed at Dragao with an expression she couldn’t read. Queen Nabile looked faintly interested. “You may do so,” King Jazan said, granting his permission.

Week - 686

Simply Grey
by 77thbigby
Description: I sighed but the sound was all but inaudible. Not that anyone other than I was close enough to hear it had it been audible. Even if someone else had been, they would have ignored it.

Week - 687

Uncle Sport
by 77thbigby
Description: The spotted Gelert, at his brother’s answer, exchanged a swift glance with his wife, Nisha. That’s when Sport felt the first inkling of alarm. Had X’s question not been as innocent as Sport had first thought? The green Nimmo shifted, sitting forward in his seat and studying his brother and his sister-in-law closely.

Week - 688

There is No Such Thing as Fearless
by 77thbigby
Description: It was a beautiful day in the Haunted Woods. The wrought iron fence with its alternating wrought iron torches and pitchforks lined one side of the dirt track. The fence led to a gate with the emblem of a torch with two pitchforks crossed above it. Past the gate, the landscape was as far from the rest of the Haunted Woods as one could get. The visitor was unimpressed.

Week - 689

Hot Snow Soup
by 77thbigby
Description: “Great! Aaren is learning how to be a good friend…but he still isn’t comfortable around others."

“It doesn’t come naturally to everyone, you know.”

Week - 690

Flutter: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: The only thing I knew for certain is that I am a female Aisha. Well, what about my color? Let me explain. I have pink fur with red stripes and wings more reminiscent of a Carmariller than a faerie Aisha. That’s four colors all in one. How did that happen? I don’t know. I was born that way.

Week - 691

Flutter: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: With that, the orange Aisha led us out, just as more rain began to fall. She took us back to the Rainbow Pool where four young Lupes huddled under umbrellas. An orange Lupe gave a bark of greeting on seeing his packmates. This welcome warmed me and I wondered if I would ever get such a welcome from anyone just once in my life.

Week - 698

For the Love of Yooyuball
by 77thbigby
Description: The sun beat down from a clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight. Not a breath of air, either. It was the first game of the day and Delma was already sweating. She felt like she would melt into a puddle. She was thankful that games of Yooyuball only lasted three minutes.

Week - 699

An Angel and A Devil
by 77thbigby
Description: Faerieland was at its absolute best. In the month of Gathering, leaves were beginning to turn their autumn colors and a brisk wind blew. Evening had fallen and while the festival had officially ended, some were still enjoying themselves.

Week - 701

Dinner with Darigan
by 77thbigby
Description: “Have you ever met Lord Darigan, Afzal? Well, we’re having dinner with him tomorrow at six o’clock.”

The electric Blumaroo smirked, rose to her feet and paused at the head of the stairs. She was purposely not giving Afzal time to react.

“Oh yeah and my family will be there, too.”

Week - 704

Loyalty Lives
by 77thbigby
Description: Dalibor was on escort duty. The shadow Peophin was an up-and-coming solider in the kingdom of Psellio. He did not complain. He was honored to serve the royal family: King Anselm, Queen Adaeze and Princess Valenchesa. Whatever his orders, he obeyed without question.

Week - 709

by 77thbigby
Description: Trouble. Habib wished that they were facing Trouble, the blue Babyca, now. Unfortunately, trouble in this case was three dark faeries. Not one. Not two. Three!

Week - 710

A Trip to the Woods
by 77thbigby
Description: Lightwater Forest was true to its name: light and airy with widely spaced trees that had tall straight trunks and a sparkling stream that wound its way through the forest. It was unusually warm for a late autumn day, with a brisk breeze rushing through the canopy, occasionally sending a shower of red and gold leaves spiraling to the ground. It was one of the most beautiful places in Neopia. At least, Gracy certainly thought so.

Week - 713

It's All in the Presentation
by 77thbigby
Description: A roar of rage came from the Rainy Hollow Armoury. Lofty wrinkled his nose at the sound and entered the long building. To his very great surprise, a baby Skeith stood in the middle of the space, meaty hands clenched, green eyes glaring. Lofty approached the other baby, unsure of the stranger. Then, it came to him in an instant.

Week - 717

In Color
by 77thbigby
Description: I’ve known Dagny our entire lives. She grew up in the underground Bori tunnels in Terror Mountain. From the very beginning, she was different. Artistic, intelligent and optimistic, she was the complete opposite of every other Bori. It never bothered her that she had no Bori friends, but she did have me. et me explain that I am not her Petpet. My name is Erna and I am Dagny’s imaginary friend.

Week - 730

It Sooted Me
by 77thbigby
Description: Do you know what I hate? Wind. There was a time when I didn’t hate wind. A time when I didn’t care one way or another about this weather condition. Now though, I truly do hate it.

Week - 731

Cordilion's Big Adventure: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: It was a world that Cordilion knew little about. Other than his brief forays onto the balcony, the pampered plushie Noil never went outside. He idly licked a paw and flicked his small round ears as two Beekadoodles flew by.

Week - 732

Cordilion's Big Adventure: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: Cordie did not awake until small hands lifted him up and began to stroke him. The plushie Noil began to purr as the speckled Aisha read her book and allowed him to rest peacefully in her lap. So it went. Exhausted and starving, Cordie slept, waking only when a reader would scoop him up, settle him on their laps and pet him.

Week - 733

Cordilion's Big Adventure: Part Three
by 77thbigby
Description: Now mid-afternoon, the musicians began to arrive for their pre-concert practice. Drums, guitars, pianos, flutes and even a triangle were all on the stage. Niv was among them, playing every instrument with ease. Cordie was amazed by it all. He liked these Neopets he had met.

Week - 734

A Sweet Taste of Victory
by 77thbigby
Description: The three attackers didn’t stand a chance. With a few deft moves of her staff, the chocolate Peophin had knocked out one and sent the other two running for their lives. Since the three in question were a speckled Skeith, green Eyrie and Tyrannian Grarrl, the observer of the fight and the petite chocolate Peo was impressed.

Week - 753

Going Bananas
by 77thbigby
Description: In agreement, the red Blumaroo and Geeky Geb turned their backs on the perfectly nice day and entered their Neohome. They stepped into chaos, in stark contrast of the nice day outside. For a horrifying moment, Nigel thought they had been robbed.

Week - 754

Sharing the Load: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: Helen laughed as Nova scampered after his toy rope. He tossed it high and shook it, growling playfully. The black Kimbi hurried back to his owner, eyes shining. She grabbed one end and they had a tug-o-war. Having fun, the shadow Gelert was surprised when her Petpet suddenly stopped, antennae twitching.

Week - 755

Sharing the Load: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: After her brother Galen had completely worn himself out working hard to support the both of them, Helen had taken his place that day. She had been working hard thus far, doing everything in his place while he took a much needed break.

Week - 759

Dreaming of Adventure: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: “So then, the Snowager roared and shot an icy blast right at me. My foot got caught in a fissure but I was able to wrench free. I narrowly escaped with my life..."

Week - 760

Dreaming of Adventure: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: “Excuse me but are you alright?” Ramona was stopped in her tracks looking at a Yurble and jelly Shoyru standing before her. It was the Yurble that had addressed her but they both looked concerned. Seeing them, Ramona could not hold back her pent-up emotions any longer. She told them the entire story.

Week - 761

Dreaming of Adventure: Part Three
by 77thbigby
Description: “Hey, this isn’t helping. What will help is entertaining Stevie and Stacie. You know them better than I do. What do they like?” Sweet tilted her head in the direction of the two babies. The brown Kacheek looked at Stevie and Stacie sitting on the couch. They both looked back at her with good-natured smiles. She felt a tug at her heart.

Week - 763

Dreaming of Adventure: Part Four
by 77thbigby
Description: “Hey, look who it is! Cairo!” Stevie interrupted Ramona and Sweet’s conversation and pointed with his stubby trunk. The adults turned to look and Stacie stirred on Sweet’s lap. The eventide Wocky had just entered the inn. The dinner crowd had just begun to enter. Sweet looked at Ramona and tilted her head towards Cairo. “Would you mind if I spoke to Cairo? There are some things I feel must be said to him. He is the cause of all of this mess that we are currently in.”

Week - 762

That's a Wrap
by 77thbigby
Description: A light snow fell. Dusk was falling and the bright lights from the shops let off a pleasant glow. Neopets bustled along well-worn paths. Neopia Central was busier than ever. The Month of Giving had begun.

Week - 764

A Baby and a Brute: Part One
by 77thbigby
Description: The wind tore through the woods with a fearsome howl, rattling the leafless branches. Everything was white but it was far from a winter wonderland. A lone figure trekked through the deep snow...

Week - 765

A Baby and a Brute: Part Two
by 77thbigby
Description: I cry all the time but it’s because I’ the Grey Faerie, you see. It’s what I do. Cry.” “Isn’t there anything we can do?” Ana asked. “No, not really. Just leave me be. It’s what everyone else does.” Ana rose to her feet, picked up her bag and left the alley with Brutus. This meeting of Baelia had bothered her quite a bit.

Week - 769

Country Cousin
by 77thbigby
Description: Reggie had just gotten there and he already wanted to go home. He hadn’t wanted to come to Meridell in the first place but Mother had insisted. So here the orange Gelert was.

Week - 773

Soup Faerie Appreciation Day
by 77thbigby
Description: They both owed much to faeries, which was why they were drawn to Faerieland. They wanted their future children raised in a place where such goodness was in evidence everywhere you looked. They knew they were making the right choice. Now, there was only one thing left to do. They went to say goodbye.

Week - 930

Catching a Star
by 77thbigby
Description: Lofty the baby Yurble has quite the adventure chasing a thief across Faerieland...

Week - 931

The Pest Professor
by 77thbigby
Description: Mystery Island residents do their best to put up with a very enthusiastic tourist...

Week - 943

For the Love of the Game
by 77thbigby
Description: Dedicated to my favorite member of Team Faerieland.

Week - 944

For the Love of the Game
by 77thbigby
Description: My excitement to play professionally had not left me but I knew I was gonna be tested here in more ways than one...

Week - 945

For the Love of the Game
by 77thbigby
Description: Altador. I had never been to the port city before. After two years, countless training hours and days of travel, I was finally here

Week - 946

For the Love of the Game
by 77thbigby
Description: It was the first day of the Cup and my nerves were starting to get the best of me.

Week - 947

For the Love of the Game
by 77thbigby
Description: New year, new season!

Week - 948

For the Love of the Game
by 77thbigby
Description: Despite the fact that Terror Mountain and Tyrannia bordered each other, their weather was as different as night and day...

Week - 949

For the Love of the Game
by 77thbigby
Description: A new team meant a new locker room and a new uniform.

Week - 950

For the Love of the Game
by 77thbigby
Description: The penultimate chapter of For the Love of the Game!

Week - 951

For the Love of the Game
by 77thbigby
Description: The thrilling conclusion to For the Love of the Game!

Week - 946

The Grumpy Ruki
by 77thbigby
Description: Looking around at the ravages of a party gone wrong, the only thing that the Ruki could think was that her day was not supposed to end like this...

Week - 951

Special Delivery
by 77thbigby
Description: Simon is guided by a mysterious Christmas Vandagyre during his trip to Terror Mountain...

Week - 960

A Moment in the Garden
by 77thbigby
Description: "I was only three months old when my parents visited Faerieland for the very first time. Coming from Terror Mountain, the differences between our snowy mountain home and the magical city in the clouds were numerous."

Week - 964

Farewell, Faerieland
by 77thbigby
Description: "The Vaughns had sat their daughter down and broken the news as gently as they could. Not that it helped. Divina still wasn’t taking it well."

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