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Week - 905

Coltzan's Last Words
by shellshocks

Week - 914

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 1
by shellshocks
Description: The return of the infamous BLACKOUT, Dark Lord of Cyberspace!

Week - 916

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 2
by shellshocks
Description: Payback time.

Week - 917

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 3
by shellshocks
Description: Destruction and Despair!

Week - 918

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 4
by shellshocks
Description: If it isn't my old foe...

Week - 919

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 5
by shellshocks
Description: A surprising reunion...

Week - 920

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 6
by shellshocks
Description: Home at last...

Week - 921

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 7
by shellshocks
Description: The family is reunited!

Week - 922

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 8
by shellshocks
Description: A secret guest?

Week - 923

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Holiday Edition
by shellshocks
Description: Two friends share their gifts...

Week - 924

BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 9 (the End)
by shellshocks
Description: A heartwarming ending and new family member!

Week - 926

The Chazz - Concert
by shellshocks
Description: Get hyped!

Week - 940

The Chazz - Rumour
by shellshocks
Description: SURELY these beings don't exist right..?

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