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Week - 831

Soup Faerie Woes
by thebiscuitbunch
Description: What must I do?

Week - 839

How To Create a Pet Directory
by thebiscuitbunch
Description: Faerie, Xweetok, Mutant, Zafara, Mallow, Draik... the list of Neopet species and colors is astounding! One of the best features of the site is seeing the different styles and tastes users choose to express via their pets.

Week - 862

Neofriends 101
by thebiscuitbunch
Description: Jump over to the boards and you will find a host of topics ranging from “Whoa, just logged on after 12 years! Anyone around?”

Week - 865

The Rainbow Ticket
by thebiscuitbunch
Description: After a long day editing for the Neopian Times, a starry gelert trots home through downtown Neopia. When passing by the local candy store, something catches his eye.

Week - 877

How To Make A Banana Chia!
by seluker406
Description: steps listed below

Collab with thebiscuitbunch :)

Week - 883

Fostering a Love of Learning
by thebiscuitbunch
Description: Fall is here, meaning class has been in session for several weeks and summer is long gone! The initial hype of returning back to school is often felt by even the laziest Neopet. Who doesn't like seeing their friends after summer vacation and shopping for new clothes?!

Week - 887

The Harsh Realities of Berry Picking...
by thebiscuitbunch
Description: pick your own

Week - 932

Laughable Items Galore!
by thebiscuitbunch
Description: Let’s take a gander at some of the weirdest items TNT has graciously gifted us over the years!

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