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Week - 695

Peril in Brightvale's Beryl Meadows
by _brainchild_
Description: The sisters treaded through lush green meadows, enjoying the vibrant voices of the birds as they approached their new home in Brightvale. The comforting breeze loosened leaves from their branches and danced upon the ladies' skin. Their hair twirled in the wind, reflecting bright sunshine. The grass was slightly dewy from the previous night's rainfall. When they reached their beautiful abode, they gazed in awe at its contents.

Week - 696

Neopia's Top Grundo Day Commodities
by _brainchild_
Description: Around Grundo Day, many Neopians are at a loss when trying to decide how to celebrate. There are hundreds of wonderful Grundo items to choose from, each one seeming as promising as the next. Therefore, I have provided my recommendations for the best Grundo items, in my opinion.

Week - 697

A Dazzling Draik's Dilemma
by _brainchild_
Description: Flor continued to grumble as the three ventured through summery scenes. Eventually they reached the Trading Post. "I'm parched!" whined Flor. "I need something, anything to drink!" Then she spotted the Pink Draik Morphing Potion. She grabbed the glass bottle and chugged it. Christine and Nadaba gazed at her in horror. "Flor," started Christine incredulously, "did you even pay attention to what you just drank?"

Week - 698

Doughnutfruits: The Techo's Tantalizing Treats
by _brainchild_
Description: As Techo day approaches, the minds of Neopians everywhere turn to famous Techos across the globe, such as the Techo Master, Dr. Death, and that crazy Techo Fanatic who pierces everyone's poor eardrums at the Altador Cup. However, one Techo often overlooked is the Tropical Foods shopkeeper on Mystery Island.

Week - 699

Perfectly Posh Poogle Outfits
by _brainchild_
Description: As Poogle Day approaches, many Neopians are at a loss about which wearables they should choose for their Poogles. Fear not, because there are several Poogle-specific outfits that would look fantastic on any Poogle. These clothing pieces can be purchased at the Clothing Shop in Neopia Central or by using the Shop Wizard. Here are my recommendations.

Week - 700

Curious Creatures: Lab Ray Only Petpets
by _brainchild_
Description: If you have access to the Petpet Laboratory (which can only be visited after completing the Secret Laboratory Map), then you have probably encountered a myriad of unique petpets formed by the mysterious light over the course of your zapping excursions. However, you might not have seen the ones that are specific to the Lab Ray only.

Week - 702

The Potion Predicament
by _brainchild_
Description: With a smile, Snazztacular the Purple Lupe poured Sloth Spaghetti onto the plate of yet another Grundo at the Virtupets Space Station. A gigantic line had formed outside Grundo's Cafe, every one of the clients eager for a delicious meal. Snazz was in fact doing volunteer work; the profits from the food sales were going to charity.

Week - 703

The New Restocking System Explained
by _brainchild_
Description: Shops used to keep the same old junk in stock forever, taking up the four rows so nothing good could restock. Therefore, people would spend their hard-earned Neopoints on garbage to deliberately make space so good items could stock. This was deemed a problem, and the auto-clear system was born.

Week - 730

Purveyor of Precious Toys: The Toy Shopkeeper
by _brainchild_
Description: As Lupe Day approaches, the minds of Neopians across the globe turn to famous Lupes that have contributed to our world. In honor of this holiday, my Purple Lupe named Snazztacular and I decided to interview a famous Lupe: the shopkeeper of the Toy Store in Neopia Central.

Week - 731

A Beautiful Blumaroo and her Mystical Treasure
by _brainchild_
Description: Tiv stepped into the fountain and grinned as the wondrous waters swirled around her. Rainbows danced across her skin as it changed color. However, something wasn't quite right. When the process was over, Tiv was horrified to find that she had been painted Maractite, not Maraquan.

Week - 733

The Tale of the Missing Tail
by _brainchild_
Description: Alshena the Plushie Aisha held back tears as the other Neopets pointed and laughed at her. They were ridiculing her for a feature (or lack thereof) that she couldn't help. The poor little kitty had been born without a tail.

Week - 734

Purveyor of Petpets: Fanciful Fauna's Cool Koi
by _brainchild_
Description: One lesser-known Koi is the shopkeeper of the Fanciful Fauna store in Shenkuu, who sells exotic petpets. These fascinating creatures are sure to delight any Neopet who receives them. Here are all of the different varieties of petpets sold by the Koi, from least rare to most rare

Week - 737

A Pair of Punished Pranksters
by _brainchild_
Description: The moon was full, and the sky was plagued by ominous shadows. Two Darigan Neopets, a Scorchio and an Aisha, snuck onto the property, spray paint in hand. "I can't believe that Ella beat us in the Beauty Contest," grumbled the Scorchio. "We'll show her!"

Week - 740

A Rambunctious Kacheek's Culinary Plight
by _brainchild_
Description: The alluring elegance of the establishment emitted the feeling of bliss. The restaurant, simply named "Kelp", was rumored to be one of Neopia's finest eateries. On the basis of its eclectic appearance, it certainly lived up to its reputation.

Week - 741

A Draik's Dessert-Themed Dilemma
by _brainchild_
Description: The sky was dark, and Batterflies littered the air. Hessron the Plushie Draik was in his bed, trying to sleep. However, his ears were plagued by an odd, creepy noise. Therefore, he got up to investigate.

Week - 754

The Perfumed Plight of a Posh Princess
by _brainchild_
Description: Chessangie the Royalgirl Draik was sifting through the mail at her house when she noticed a beautiful envelope which bore a rosy pink hue. She saw that it was addressed to her, so she opened it. She was enthralled by the sparkly glitter and intricate details on the card which she found inside.

Week - 756

The Golden Dubloon: Profit or Loss? (An Experiment)
by _brainchild_
Description: I treated my Baby Kacheek named Walda to one hundred meals at the Golden Dubloon. The total value of the Dubloons that I spent was around 162,000 Neopoints. The purpose of my experiment was to determine the approximate chance of receiving leftovers as well as the margin of profit or loss after they were obtained.

Week - 757

The Plight of a Pirate Who Sought a Pawkeet
by _brainchild_
Description: He gazed at the curious creatures, admiring their amazing appearances. He decided that he wanted to buy a Pawkeet, but he did not have the 55 Dubloons which were required as payment. "I'll have to save up," he told the Shopkeeper. "G'bye!"

Week - 763

Assignment 53: Earn that Avatar and Trophy!
by _brainchild_
Description: Do you jump for joy upon earning another pretty avatar for your collection? Do you spend countless hours polishing the 100+ trophies in your cabinet, still yearning for a new addition? Or are you just a fan of Aishas? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this guide is for you

Week - 768

The Valentine’s Day Which Was Plagued by a Villain
by _brainchild_
Description: Walda, however, had decided to stay behind—she had an idea. The other students' candy was sitting on their desks, just waiting to be eaten. Filled with avarice, she started to wolf down everyone else's chocolate, blissfully hopping from desk to desk.

Week - 773

The Runaway Child Who Actually Helped Out
by _brainchild_
Description: While her three sisters were squabbling, Walda ran out the door in search of chocolate. No scorching blaze would ever stop her from getting the sweet, sugary taste. She arrived in Sakhmet and made her way through the crowd until she reached the Food Stall. She put her small amount of pocket money down on the table and asked the Shopkeeper, "Do you have any chocolate?"

Week - 779

Kolorful Kougras: Neopia's Top Fifteen Varieties
by _brainchild_
Description: I am here to honor this underrated species by recommending the top fifteen Kougra colors out of all the choices that exist.

Week - 789

Neopia's Top Summer Wearables
by _brainchild_
Description: Upon doing research, one is confronted with a myriad of wondrous wares, each choice seeming as satisfactory as the next. However, dear Neopians, have fear no longer, for I have listed my stellar recommendations below!

Week - 794

The Miracle Who Fell From the Sky!
by _brainchild_
Description: You're a pain, Flor.

Week - 799

The Draik in Search of Precious Kin
by _brainchild_
Description: A tale about a Draik's journey...

Week - 801

Even Royals Make Mistakes
by _brainchild_
Description: The best of the best aren't immune to messing up...

Week - 804

Spectacular Slorgs, Color and Scent So Misunderstood
by _brainchild_
Description: In honor of Slorg Day, I am here to dispel the common myths about Slorgs which have been circulating around

Week - 813

Terrific Treats: The Tastiest Wintery Foods
by _brainchild_
Description: During the winter season, many Neopians wonder what they should eat for their holiday dinner. Of course, the most important part of the meal is dessert. :P There is a myriad of choices which a Neopet has to deal with, and the options may seem overwhelming at times.

Week - 816

Valentine Rarities to Keep Away from a Brat
by _brainchild_
Description: Of course, there's the classic box of... candy, but there are also many other creative and unique gift ideas which your friend will surely love. Some are incredibly rare and valuable, making them a great choice for someone you truly care about.

Week - 819

Celebrating with Neocash: Balloon-Themed Wearables
by _brainchild_
Description: Starring Florezca the Pink Draik, Nadaba the (less than sensible) Maraquan Draik, and Naydeen the Baby Korbat!

Week - 825

The Disadvantage of Being a Kiko
by _brainchild_
Description: Awww...

Week - 833

The SHO Must Go On!
by _brainchild_
Description: But but But...

Week - 837

~The Den of Malediction~
by _brainchild_
Description: Tivlia the Maraquan Blumaroo had always been a tenacious treasure hunter. While growing up in Maraqua, she quickly learned to search for valuable commodities. Many times, she had made astounding sums of Neopoints from the prizes she had found. She hoped that her upcoming hunt would be no exception.

Week - 841

How the Kiko Got Its Bandage
by _brainchild_
Description: sooo that's how it happened...

Week - 845

Nothing is Scarier than a Halloween Brat
by _brainchild_
Description: It was Halloween night, and Walda the Baby Kacheek was sitting at home with a glum expression on her face. While her friends were out trick-or-treating, she was being punished for misbehavior which may or may not have included a chocolate-induced sugar rush. “Grounded on Halloween!” she exclaimed to herself. “This stinks!”

Week - 851

The True Meaning of the Holiday Season
by _brainchild_
Description: Christmas morning had arrived, and Walda the Baby Kacheek felt a rush of excitement when she dashed down the stairs and saw presents with her name on them.

Week - 857

Exquisite Prizes: Lyra and Aurrick’s Favorite Items
by _brainchild_
Description: ---Starring Chessangie the Royalgirl Draik, Chessella the Pastel Draik, Maldice the Stealthy Draik, and Walda the ever so bratty Baby Kacheek!---

Week - 856

Fourteen Foods for Valentine's Day
by _brainchild_
Description: Fourteen Foods for Valentine’s Day!

---Starring Lerlifa the Chocolate Draik, Rasola the Plushie Kougra, and Walda the ever so bratty Baby Kacheek!!!---

Week - 861

BREAKING NEWS: Cute Snowbunnies Defeat Dr. Sloth
by _brainchild_
Description: An army of cute Faerie Snowbunnies has captured Virtupets’ evil mastermind, Dr. Frank Sloth.

Week - 863

The Negg Dust Nuisance
by _brainchild_
Description: very bad idea...

Week - 865

Fit for a Queen
by _brainchild_
Description: So eye catching...

Week - 872

Do You Believe in Magic?
by _brainchild_
Description: Within the grassy meadows of Brightvale, there lived a caring and compassionate Purple Lupe named Snazztacular.

Week - 875

A Child's Pursuit of a Powerful Legend
by _brainchild_
Description: One sunny day, Walda the Baby Kacheek was playing with her friends at school recess. Walda was going down the slide when the teacher blew the whistle, signaling that the children had to return to class.

Week - 882

The Gamer's Spirit Never Dies
by _brainchild_
Description: never!

Week - 883

The Woe of Being Broke on a Birthday
by _brainchild_
Description: but whyy

Week - 884

The Facets of Naming: What Should I Call My Pet?
by _brainchild_
Description: With the arrival of the new pet slots, a lot of Neopians are wondering which pets they will create. It’s hard to decide, but once you have figured out which colors and species you want, your pets have to have names. Maybe you’ve browsed petpages full of untaken names, but you just can’t find one you like. That’s why I am here to help you name your beloved pet. There are six facets of naming which I will discuss: Fitting to color or species, fitting to customization, compounds, pairing with existing pets, misspells, and foreign real words and names.

Week - 886

The Case of the Missing Chocolate Santa Candies
by _brainchild_
Description: NEVEER!

Week - 891

A Bratty Baby’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Wearables
by _brainchild_
Description: ---Starring Walda the very bratty Baby Kacheek and Christine, her owner!---

Week - 895

A Relic of the Past
by _brainchild_
Description: A rocky purchase...

Week - 896

BREAKING NEWS: Queen Fyora Steps Down from Throne
by _brainchild_
Description: Queen Fyora has stepped down from the throne to pursue a career in making sculptures out of food. She plans to work with cheese, chocolate, and more. Because of this, she is moving to Neopia Central, where lots of food shops are close by.

Week - 904

The Poetry Contest: Frequently Asked Questions
by _brainchild_
Description: So, you’d like to start entering the Poetry Contest? Great!

Week - 905

A Book Worth Re-Reading
by _brainchild_
Description: The worst time to forget!

Week - 915

Comparing Two Cosmic Cafés
by _brainchild_
Description: Lerlifia the Chocolate Draik, Sellescha the Pastel Kacheek, and Walda the Baby Kacheek sample some food that is out of this world!

Week - 914

I Can Donate Anything?
by _brainchild_
Description: Tie-in with the current Charity Corner event!

Week - 918

Spooky Rarities: Unconverted Petpets
by _brainchild_
Description: Explore spooky unconverted petpets with Chessangie the Royalgirl Draik, Chessella the Pastel Draik, Walda the Baby Kacheek, and Christine, their owner!

Week - 920

All of the Birthday Fun with None of the Calories!
by _brainchild_
Description: Check out these birthday-themed items to celebrate Neopets’ birthday with none of the calories!

Week - 923

No Holiday Is Complete Without a Slushie
by _brainchild_
Description: Lerlifia the Chocolate Draik, Sellescha the Pastel Kacheek, Walda the Baby Kacheek, and Christine, their owner sample some slushies for the holiday season!

Week - 926

Singing Isn't For Everyone
by _brainchild_
Description: Next, please...

Week - 927

Wearable Jewellery for Your Friend or Valentine
by _brainchild_
Description: If you’re wondering what kind of gift to get your friend, family member, or valentine for Valentine’s Day, look no further.

Week - 931

Neocash Redemption Prizes Starring Illusen!
by _brainchild_
Description: Illusen is a very sweet and stylish Earth Faerie, so why not show her some love?

Week - 932

The Disappearance of Chet Flash: A Gamer’s Revenge
by _brainchild_
Description: Passionate gamer Nadaba is determined to get the games back up and running after Dr. Sloth shuts them off!

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