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Week - 867

I guess P3's just aren't for me...
by marsbarss
Description: aw man

Also by _polonius_

Week - 867

Improving Your Neopets Account
by _polonius_
Description: You’re an actual Neopian now - you’ve started to get your account set up and you feel pretty comfortable. What are the next steps to Neopian Domination? The answers lie in improving your account.

Week - 876

Neopian Events - How to Plan Ahead
by _polonius_
Description: It’s always great to see Neopians with accounts that show that they have been loyal members. However, I’m typically surprised when I see that they haven’t participated in many of Neopets various events or plots through the years and earned the trophies that accompany them.

Week - 883

The Kad and the Warf Rescue Team
by _polonius_
Description: The siren was loud in the petpet’s ears as it blared through the speakers. The Warf Rescue Team members didn’t mind though since they never wanted to miss a rescue operation.

Week - 887

The Case of the Vanishing Shopkeeper
by _polonius_
Description: The Crumpetmonger has vanished and it's up to a band of petpets to solve the case.

Week - 908

Getting Your Daily On - Benefits and Pitfalls
by _polonius_
Description: An article about the daily tasks on Neopets and their pro's and con's.

Week - 918

Sophie and the Backwoods
by _polonius_
Description: Sophie (infamously Sophie the Swamp Witch) was bored...

Week - 921

The Soup Faerie Takes A Vacation
by _polonius_
Description: Where would the Soup Faerie vacation to? Mystery Island of course. Read to find out all about it.

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