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Week - 444

SUAP Frenzy
by prada_prince
Description: This is what happens when some people go to the extremes of trying to get the elusive SUAP Avvie.

Week - 494

S.M.E.L.T. Game Guide
by prada_prince
Description: For the New Game Sensation that hit Neopia recently, some of us might need a little help figuring out some tips! GL!

Week - 495

Preparing Yourself for the Upcoming Altador Cup
by prada_prince
Description: We are all excited for the upcoming Annual Altador Cup. *hooray* But how does one gear up and get ready for such a huge event?

Week - 624

Top 10 Treats for any Zombie Neopet
by prada_prince
Description: Satisfy their cravings with a good piece of brain. Yes, I said it... BRAINS!

Week - 817

Flowers and Plants you can Grow to Welcome Spring.
by prada_prince
Description: Spring is here and what better way to welcome it than to start planting beautiful and fragrant foliage. It is the season where nature reawakens after a long icy cold winter. Let’s leave our cups of borovan behind and get out to enjoy the sunny and warm weather.

Week - 824

Picky Kadoatie
by prada_prince
Description: Seems like a really good time...to just feed me pls thx!

This comic is a collaborative effort with User: mel_liew_ming_li

Week - 903

Altador Cup Crossword
by jo_lsw2
Description: Can you crack this Altador Cup themed crossword puzzle? collaboration with prada_prince

Week - 904

Gear up for your trip to this year’s Altador Cup
by prada_prince
Description: Altador Cup is just around the corner and Neopians from all across Neopia will head over to The Colosseum for a month’s fun of ballin’, cheerin’, slingin’ and shootin’. So, what exactly do you need to pack and bring from home for your trip to Altador? collaboration with jo_lsw2

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