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Week - 802

15 of Neopia's Scariest Books
by sugarxcoma
Description: Halloween is just around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to snuggle up with your pets and read to them some spine-tingling tales guaranteed to get them into the spirit of the spookiest night of the year.

Week - 832

Ten Cutest Trophies in Neopia, and How to Earn Them
by sugarxcoma
Description: There are many, many cute items all over Neopia but we wanted to focus our attention on something that's a little overlooked: cute trophies! In this article, we will go over our picks of trophies we've found that made us go "aww", as well as include a few tips that might help you earn these adorable trophies for yourself!

Week - 844

5 Next-Level Goals to Achieve
by sugarxcoma
Description: So, you've completed all the more basic goals of Neopia: you have your pets painted and customized just how you like them, you have access to the Secret Lab Ray, and you have the "Ultimate Riches!" bank account type.

Also by venom_creep.

Week - 858

10 Favorite Food Club Pirates
by venom_creep
Description: One of our favorite things to do in all of Neopia is to play Food Club. Not only is it one of the best money makers there is, but it's a ton of fun to make your own bets and win big. Throughout our many years of making bets, we have learned all about the various pirates, and we thought it would be a fun idea to share our top 10 favorites here today.

Also by sugarxcoma

Week - 864

100 Cutest Petpets in Neopia
by sugarxcoma
Description: Petpets are one of the most loved things about Neopia, but have you ever thought about which petpets are the cutest? Sure, we all have our favorites, but there's hundreds of them out there!

Also by yzhen_121993

Week - 903

Ten More Cutest Trophies in Neopia
by sugarxcoma
Description: Earning trophies and appreciating cuteness are two things that many of us love to do, but it's not often you get to do both at once! Also by venom_creep

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