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Week - 541

Claare Should Be Grateful...
by dewdropzz
Description: The only thing I don't like...

Week - 566

Claare's List Of Underappreciated Neopian Heroes
by dewdropzz
Description: Today I would like to draw attention to these people, with hopes that they'll soon be recognized for what they've done, and continue to do.

Week - 569

Love Builds A Robot
by dewdropzz
Description: All is quiet in Neopia at 6:30 am. It's Sunday morning, the sun is just beginning to rise and at this hour, most Neopians are still asleep. Not you, though.

Week - 576

Half Baked
by dewdropzz
Description: "Nonsense! It's never too cold to swim. As long as you're in an indoor pool."

Week - 578

Ready To Give
by dewdropzz
Description: Couldn't the bad weather have waited until after the Day of Giving?

Week - 586

A Faerie Like Me
by dewdropzz
Description: I couldn't stop thinking about the day I met the famous faerie. Do you remember, diary? It was last summer, shortly after we moved to Meridell....

Week - 588

Claare's Wonderful Things To Do With Neggs
by dewdropzz
Description: What's not to love about the mysterious and incredibly interesting objects with a remarkable resemblance to eggs?

Week - 594

Maeryc and the Wishing Star: Part One
by dewdropzz
Description: Wooden cutlasses clashed. Heavy boots stomped through the late spring snow of Terror Mountain. Captain Fearless, the most notorious seven-year-old pirate in the world, was engaged in a raging battle against his arch nemesis, the dreaded Captain Red Head.

Week - 595

Maeryc and the Wishing Star: Part Two
by dewdropzz
Description: "It makes sense, I suppose," she thought. "I lived in the sky all my life, and you could see everything from there. But I never saw a petpet that could actually talk to a neopet."

Week - 598

What I Love About Bob: Part One
by dewdropzz
Description: He's Bob the plushie warf, and he's my very own petpet. Seeing as it's Petpet Appreciation Day, I figured it was about time I showed Bob how much I appreciate him.

Week - 599

What I Love About Bob: Part Two
by dewdropzz
Description: Bob got bored quickly. I actually thought he was asleep, sprawled out there on the grass, until I saw his tail wag, and his ears perk up.

"What do you hear, Bob?"

Week - 602

My Friend the Cupcake Faerie
by dewdropzz
Description: "What in Neopia is a cupcake faerie?"

"A faerie who makes cupcakes, obviously."

Week - 685

Mother's Balloon
by dewdropzz
Description: She jumped for it... That was the day Reyela's life changed.

Week - 686

Mother's Balloon: Part Two
by dewdropzz
Description: The sky was so blue it was blinding. Or perhaps it only seemed that way to a girl whose eyes were not used to seeing colour so vibrant and pure.

Week - 687

Mother's Balloon: Part Three
by dewdropzz
Description: Reyela hoped she didn't make the wrong decision by calling out to the Kougra. She had acted so impetuously. What would she say when the Kougra asked where she had come from?

Week - 688

Mother's Balloon: Part Four
by dewdropzz
Description: The walk to the barn from the Worthington's house was quite a long one, down a winding dirt path, over hills and past the corn field. For as long as the journey was, it could never be long enough for the scarlet Draik who knew that her worst nightmare was waiting for her at the end of the road.

Week - 689

Mother's Balloon: Part Five
by dewdropzz
Description: "But how will I live without you? If you cannot stay, then I must go with you."

Week - 690

Mother's Balloon: Part Six
by dewdropzz
Description: The startled Vacana calmed down in an instant when he heard the sound of his owner's voice. He perked up his ears and trotted over to the Kougra, his stubby tail swishing back and forth like a Dogelfox about to get a treat

Week - 691

Mother's Balloon: Part Seven
by dewdropzz
Description: The Worthingtons went to work, but their houseguest remained in her seat. She did not try to help this time around, and she wondered if she ever would again. Her hands hurt too much to hold a knife to slice cheese or butter bread, and even if she was able to carry her own plate to the table, she would probably just drop it and smash it on the floor, and then everyone would step on the pieces, and would end up dropping their dishes as well.

Week - 692

Mother's Balloon: Part Eight
by dewdropzz
Description: Joyful sounds of laughter were carried in on the wind, but it was the wafting smell of a chocolate cake baking slowly in an oven that awakened Reyela's senses, and alerted her of the fact that the day had started without her.

Week - 693

Mother's Balloon: Part Nine
by dewdropzz
Description: Reyela looked from Kougra, to Kougra, to Yurble hoping for an explanation of the oddness that was unfolding before her eyes. She was provided with nothing of the sort, until the party began to move again and she got to speak to Medis.

Week - 694

Mother's Balloon: Part Ten
by dewdropzz
Description: The blue Yurble turned with a jerk, catching the brown Kougra red-handed. "Paws off!" she barked, snatching the tube out of his hand. "Look what you've done now. I barely had enough as it was!" "Nonsense, you've got plenty there." He shook the yellow tube upside-down, and shrugged his shoulders when he felt nothing inside. "Listen Midge, I'm worried about Reyela tonight." he said, announcing the purpose of his interruption.

Week - 695

Mother's Balloon: Part Eleven
by dewdropzz
Description: "Meat pie, meat pie! We're having meat pie! Ma's having meat pie, Pa's having meat pie! Caleb, Medis and I are all having meat pie!"

"Bettina, have I ever told you I know a surefire way for you to bring world peace?"

"Aw, don't say it." Caleb chastened Hannah, who was holding her ears and groaning. "It's her birthday, she should be able to sing if she wants to."

Week - 696

Mother's Balloon: Part Twelve
by dewdropzz
Description: Reyela ran into the wind, her bare feet sinking into the moist ground with every lunging step she took. She had left the Worthingtons' house in such a hurry that she had forgotten to put on her shoes. She supposed they would always have them now. They could keep them at their front door, and look at them from time to time in remembrance of the girl whom's heart they won, and then tore apart with their lies and hidden truths exposed.

Week - 697

The Discovery of Brightvale -- A Celebration
by dewdropzz
Description: Splendid banners of green, white and gold hang proudly in every doorway. Tapestries and all manor of decoration imaginable adorn the walls of every hall. A grey Kougra in a smart black suit walks through the halls of Brightvale Castle, his dress shoes clicking on the cobblestone floor with every hurried step he takes. As he rounds a corner, he slows his feverish pace, and takes a moment to re-collect himself at a large, wooden door.

Week - 711

The Bag: Part One
by dewdropzz
Description: Every window of every shop sparkles with red and green lights, candy canes and artificial snow. There's a Christmas tree in the doorway of every business building I pass, and even big box stores are hung with lights; large inflatable holiday characters on the roofs of many of them, waving at shoppers in the month of Celebrating wind, sending them subliminal messages to come in and buy.

Week - 712

The Bag: Part Two
by dewdropzz
Description: I jump out of the carriage and scan the area for the driver. I find the orange Acara laying face down in the snow under the wheel of the carriage. "Oh no." Alice climbs out of the carriage after me. She watches as I pull the Acara out from under the wheel, and try to turn him over. I heave a sigh of relief when I discover he's still breathing, and seems to be in stable condition, other than the fact that he's unconscious.

Week - 738

Child's Dream
by dewdropzz
Description: Blue. As far as brown eyes can see. Azure. Cerulean, sapphire, aquamarine. Ultramarine. It is everywhere. It surrounds her, envelopes her, embraces her. Or is she, in fact, in the midst of it? Or is she in front of it, or... behind it?

Week - 762

The Most Significant Gifts We Never Give
by dewdropzz
Description: With your eyes half shut it looks like stars, flames in a forest sky, scintillating like candles warm in a window. Some are close to one another, nearly overlapping, while some are father apart, forming neat rows that are never perfect, but almost; horizontal and vertical. They form many constellations, if you look hard enough.

Week - 794

There Goes That Man and His Kite!
by dewdropzz
Description: It's a particular interest in society, a hankering to learn about people, as individuals and how they interact, how they view others and how others can influence them. I have a notebook where I will be recording my findings, and, now, I have a red kite.

Week - 795

There Goes That Man and His Kite!: Part Two
by dewdropzz
Description: It wasn't just the colour that gave them their depth. They looked like ponds

Art by chasing_stars44

Week - 796

There Goes That Man and His Kite: Epilogue
by dewdropzz
Description: Perhaps this was meant to be the slightly-less-than-grand finale of my adventure. Perhaps it was time for me to bring my kite-scapades to a humble close.

Art by chasing_stars44

Week - 800

Claare's 800 Reasons for Sending Fanmail
by dewdropzz
Description: A shoutout to all the contributors...

Week - 802

Usuki Singing Stars #41: Go and Fly a Kite!
by downrightdude
Description: "Did you see that man with the flying diamond toy?"

Week - 803

by dewdropzz
Description: When Avery Larkin, a headstrong and adventurous young girl, moves with her family to the 154-year-old Meridellian estate, Ballindalloch, she becomes at once entranced and embroiled with the past. On a quest to learn more about the house's original family, Avery sets in motion a series of extraordinary encounters, both horrifying and edifying, and discovers the past may not be as distant as she once believed..

Week - 804

Ballindalloch: Part Two
by dewdropzz
Description: It didn't occur to Avery until much later — three or four days later, in fact — that it didn't matter in the slightest whether the house's original family was nice.

Week - 805

Ballindalloch: Part Three
by dewdropzz
Description: Her bedroom still had pieces of flowered yellow wallpaper clinging to it, and as far as Avery was concerned, this was as good a reason as any to assume that her room was the last to have been worked on before the family had left.

Week - 806

Ballindalloch: Part Four
by dewdropzz
Description: Albert, my good friend, tell me; could I ask you a question?

Week - 807

Ballindalloch:Part Five
by dewdropzz
Description: When his daughter said 'ghost', he had thought she was joking.

Week - 808

Ballindalloch:Part Six
by dewdropzz
Description: The twentieth day of the month of Hiding marked two weeks and four days since the Larkins had moved into the Meridellian estate, Ballindalloch.

Week - 809

Ballindalloch:Part Seven
by dewdropzz
Description: Her dreams last night consisted of soccer, a thousand people thronging her backyard, cold lemonade and colder coffee, and Mr. Konishi. All the events of the previous day seemed to play over and over in Avery's head, as if they were a Neovision movie being rewound, fast-forwarded and rewound, and started over again.

Week - 810

Ballindalloch: Epilogue
by dewdropzz
Description: Kenneth, Avery's Knowledgeable Shorter Mover White Scorchio Friend who'd Once Choked, lived in Albat Court. It shouldn't have surprised her, really, as Whittaker was a very small town.

Week - 819

Lisha & Jeran: Their Reunion in Words
by dewdropzz
Description: You don't know how hard it was for me.

You don't know, you couldn't know, no matter how many times I've told you, no matter how vividly I try to express those old feelings, faded and healed now, but plaguing for so long.

Week - 857

Unheard, Unseeing — Creamy's Petpet Spotlight
by dewdropzz
Description: It all started when Alice was very young. It could have been only a short time ago, as Alice is still quite young.... We'll say it could have been in her first year of Neoschool — first or second.

Week - 875

Introduction to a Shiverling — Timmou's Spotlight
by dewdropzz
Description: You probably don't know this. The vast majority of the Neopian population doesn't. Fret not if you don't know, for I am here to enlighten you. If you wish to grab a jacket first, allow me to pause and wait for you. For the temperature is about to go sub-zero.

Week - 895

Thompkens Jenkins
by dewdropzz
Description: Once on the morn of a grizzly, drizzly, goose-pimpled day in Neovia, a baby was wrapped in a blanket and laid tenderly down in a very unorthodox place to leave a baby.

Week - 896

Thompkens Jenkins
by dewdropzz
Description: Her name was Maude Clock, and she was a Krawk. Thom had liked her from the day he met her because she was a mystery. More bipolar than volatile, always spouting bits of gibberish Thom found enlightening, it was even unknown to Thom whether she was a woman or a child.

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Thompkens Jenkins
Her name was Maude Clock, and she was a Krawk. Thom had liked her from the day he met her because she was a mystery. More bipolar than volatile, always spouting bits of gibberish Thom found enlightening, it was even unknown to Thom whether she was a woman or a child.

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