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Week - 486

Ten Learning Experiences to Avoid
by alphachicky
Description: 1. Buying your pet a meepit.

This should really go without saying.

Week - 640

And They All Lived Happily Ever After!
by alphachicky
Description: "I started writing it. I just don't know how to end it," the jelly Poogle whined, rolling a pencil across the table.

Week - 641

The Mystery of the Kougra Paw
by alphachicky
Description: It all started as a fairly normal day. I was sitting at my desk, writing up the report summary of my latest case.

Week - 663

Shenkuu Mountain Neopets: A Neovision Reality Show!
by alphachicky
Description: A second Shenkuu Mountain Neopets segment is currently being filmed.

Week - 886

Return to Shenkuu
by alphachicky
Description: “Hey, Princess, letter for you.”

Week - 887

Return to Shenkuu:Part Two
by alphachicky
Description: Alexi found a seat by herself on the boat to Shenkuu. It wasn’t scheduled to be a long voyage, just a few hours.

Week - 888

Return to Shenkuu:Part Three
by alphachicky
Description: Margot’s house was exactly as Clarise remembered it. Way too big, full of way too much stuff.

Week - 884

I love screen-shaking random events
by alphachicky
Description: An earthquake!

Week - 896

Oh, like YOU immediately knew what it meant
by alphachicky
Description: Words can be tricky...

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