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Week - 786

Tenz and Steel~ A pound story
by rkbear
Description: Tenz was always looking out for him, even though Steel was older. Steel was supposed to be the one who looked out for the younger boy, but Tenz was bigger than he was, and stronger, and scarier, and just wasn't a good target for bullying.

Week - 880

The Sea Monster
by rkbear
Description: “Sa-sa-sa-sa-sea monster!” The sailor yelled.

Week - 885

Goo's Story- A tale of one Bori's way home
by rkbear
Description: “Pppssssst, Ash, are you asleep yet?”

Week - 887

How to be a Princess
by rkbear
Description: Violet slumped against the door to the library and sighed. She probably messed up her hair, something else for Rosaline to get on her case about. She would never live up to her sister’s expectations, never mind those of her people. If she could even call them that, she thought, she wasn’t really a princess after all was she?

Week - 888

Scarlet's First Adventure
by rkbear
Description: Scarlet tacked up the newest postcard she’d received from her sister and brother on the wall. This one was from Shenkuu. Dred and Forest traveled all over the world.

Week - 889

Three of a kind
by rkbear
Description: A story about family

Week - 890

Three of a kind:Part Two
by rkbear
Description: “Don’t worry about it, Goo,” Ash replied, shaking his head, and earning frown from Steel.

Week - 891

Three of a kind:Part Three
by rkbear
Description: “So we have met!” Scarlet exclaimed, excitedly.

“Of course, and how lovely it is to see you again, and Steel, I remember you it is good to finally make your acquaintance finally.

Week - 890

So you've zapped your dream pet? What now?
by rkbear
Description: What to do when you don't know what to do with your lab ray anymore

Week - 893

Steel- The Greatest Chef in the World!...Almost
by rkbear
Description: A little poogle's dreams come true...well almost

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