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Week - 869

A (never)ending quest in space
by joaozanatto
Description: With his head down and a sad look in his eyes, Gorix wandered around the Space Station... He felt desolated, as he managed to collect almost all of the coins on the Space Station Coins page of his stamps album… almost all of them.

collaboration: _annefrank_

Week - 873

Can you solve the riddle? (Part 1)
by _annefrank_
Description: idk can you?

in collaboration with joaozanatto

Week - 877

Ferny and the Amazing Juiceland Adventure
by _aragorn_
Description: Anyone who sees princess Fernypoo nowadays would never think that, one day, she was a sweet, kind and charming child. Her competitive personality and selfish behavior are due tom many things, including years of etiquette classes, constant pressure from her parents, and people reminding her that she will rule the kingdom one day.

in collaboration with _annefrank_ and mimy_fofinha

Week - 879

Fun activities for the weekend!
by _annefrank_
Description: woah

Also by In collaboration with joaozanatto

Week - 889

Legends and... Letters? (Part 01 - Sophie)
by _annefrank_
Description: a letter from mom?

In collaboration with joaozanatto

Week - 891

Legends and... Letters? (Part 02 - Lord Kass)
by _annefrank_

In collaboration with joaozanatto

Week - 892

Legends and... Letters? (Part 03 - Dr. Sloth)
by _annefrank_
Description: This time Dr. Sloth receives an interesting message...

In collaboration with _kathy_2004_

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