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Week - 843

Decorating for Halloween
by dianalovee
Description: A little of this here a little that there.

Also by grimlane

Week - 846

Costume Expectations
by dianalovee
Description: sigh..

Also by grimlane.

Week - 848

by dianalovee
Description: 5 seconds later..

Also by grimlane

Week - 853

A Tale of Tea: Part 2
by dianalovee

Also by grimlane.

Week - 855

Lucky Day
by dianalovee
Description: I chose a good day to go outdoors

Also by grimlane.

Week - 857

Uh, good aim?
by dianalovee
Description: The heart wants what it wants.

Also by grimlane.

Week - 862

Negg Hunt Shenanigans
by grimlane
Description: let the games begin

Also by dianalovee

Week - 865

Swimming with Friends
by dianalovee
Description: comee on

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