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Week - 158

SQUAD Squadron: First Mission -- Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: As Fenris padded into Mumbo Pango’s hut, Misty felt the slightest twinge of nervousness, but shook it off. She had asked to go on this mission, and she wasn’t going to go back to Faerieland until she had seen everything through.

Week - 161

Brightvale: The Next Darigan Citadel?
by cosmicfire918
Description: Surely the discovery of this new land heralds a new age for Neopia…AN AGE OF DARKNESS AND TERROR!!!

Week - 168

Let There Be Lighten: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: Because she was quite bored, Antikia decided to pass the time by doing a little spell a visiting Light Faerie had taught her back on her island...

Week - 169

Let There Be Lighten: Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: Antikia was sure that, if she could see Samuel's eyes, they would have been as big as Pinannas.

Week - 175

The Day I Taught at Neoschool
by cosmicfire918
Description: "'Dear cosmicfire918, our resident art teacher, Mr. Lupid, has just informed us that he has come down with a sudden case of NeoFlu and will need to stay home tomorrow to recuperate..."

Week - 180

Castle Battle Craziness
by cosmicfire918
Description: Good as new!

Written by tdyans

Week - 200

A Noteworthy Adventure: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: "I read a little bit of it, it's got a bunch of cool adventure stories," TK said. "I thought you might like it."

Week - 201

A Noteworthy Adventure: Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: Gai and I rounded a small hill and saw a cluster of lights. By that time, my legs were screaming for rest, but I just kept telling them that we had to get to a safe place to sleep...

Week - 202

A Noteworthy Adventure: Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: Sitting lazily on a large, golden throne was an Alien Aisha, a crown perched precariously on top of his bubble-like space helmet...

Week - 202

Fifty Reasons Why Pirates Pwn Thieves
by cosmicfire918
Description: Pirates pwn thieves. Without further ado, here’s fifty absolutely logical and un-debatable reasons why.

Week - 211

The Ensorcellator
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Average classes, average lunch--" Blynn was cut off by a sudden cold, wet feeling on her fur. She looked down, aghast, to see that someone had knocked her bottle of cherry juice into her lap. "Average bullies…"

Week - 215

Neopian Insanity
by cosmicfire918
Description: So, you got zapped Darigan...

Also by emmybug184

Week - 219

Neopian Insanity
by cosmicfire918
Description: Next Level: Puree.

Also by emmybug184

Week - 221

Neopian Insanity
by cosmicfire918
Description: HELP!!

Also by emmybug184

Week - 229

Neopian Insanity
by cosmicfire918
Description: Fiddlesticks!

Also by emmybug184

Week - 230

Neopian Insanity
by cosmicfire918
Description: I can't use this!

Also by emmybug184

Week - 232

Neopian Insanity
by cosmicfire918
Description: Uh oh...

Also by emmybug184

Week - 234

Neopian Insanity
by cosmicfire918
Description: And for dessert...

Also by emmybug184

Week - 235

Fruity Adventures!
by barhoom80
Description: Have you ever wondered if Royal Lupes are vegetarians or not?!?!?

Art by cosmicfire918

Week - 594

The Zafara Who Would Be Mayor
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Unruly behaviour on the streets will not be tolerated," he sighed. "Miscreants will be... given candy."

Week - 596

Squid Slippers
by cosmicfire918
Description: A little light reading.

Week - 599

Squid Slippers
by cosmicfire918
Description: But I like being a Ruki!

Week - 600

Squid Slippers
by cosmicfire918
Description: WHOOOO

Week - 601

Squid Slippers: A House Divided
by cosmicfire918
Description: I just don't get what's so great....

Week - 605

Squid Slippers - Secrets of the Ice Powerup
by cosmicfire918
Description: Huh, what's this?

Week - 608

Squid Slippers - Grundo Fanatic
by cosmicfire918
Description: Why do you become a raging maniac?

Week - 610

Draik Expectations: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Because," Pharazon stood up a little straighter and puffed out his chest, "today's the day I'm going to become a Brightvale scholar."

Week - 611

Draik Expectations: Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: Pharazon's ears drooped as he looked up at the enormous stack of parchment that had been set in front of him with a hefty whumph!

Week - 623

The Best of Friends
by cosmicfire918
Description: "One Golden Juppie Delight, comin' up!" The Meerca began puttering about, once again humming as she worked.

Week - 625

There's No Place Like Qasala for the Holidays
by cosmicfire918
Description: Jazan massaged his forehead, leaning over the card-strewn table in exasperation as Nabile erupted into a fit of laughter beside him. "Why do I always lose at this game?" he groaned, adding the pile to his hand of twenty cards.

Week - 627

Worth Fighting For: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Oh, this will be the greatest Grundo Independence Day Hyren's ever known!"

Week - 628

Worth Fighting For: Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: He'd been in wilderness survival situations before, on other worlds. The only thing different about this was that it was only him this time, no troops to command...

Week - 629

Worth Fighting For: Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: "We don't do this for the money," Terra replied, a little shortly. "We're explorers. We find things just to find them."

Week - 630

Worth Fighting For: Part Four
by cosmicfire918
Description: "So that's when the Space Fungus started swarming our ship!" They had to have been walking for at least an hour, now, but Hyren was nowhere near running out of stories.

Week - 631

Worth Fighting For: Part Five
by cosmicfire918
Description: "We can camp as soon as we get outside," she attempted to compromise. "Please, please. I just..." She clasped her hands. "I just need to get out of here."

Week - 632

Worth Fighting For: Part Six
by cosmicfire918
Description: "That's the biggest Lyins I've ever seen!" Blynn exclaimed, nocking a piece of ammo in her slingshot and taking aim...

Week - 633

Worth Fighting For: Part Seven
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Why did you leave her by herself?!" Hyren demanded to know.

"Me?! You're one to talk!" Blynn spat in retort...

Week - 634

Worth Fighting For: Part Eight
by cosmicfire918
Description: Hyren exhaled, placing a hand on his chest. "That way," he urged Blynn, prompting her to sidle off of the crates in the direction of the cliff edge, which was hidden by a labyrinth of terraces and roofs.

Week - 635

Worth Fighting For: Part Nine
by cosmicfire918
Description: "What's a starship doing in the Haunted Woods?"

Week - 636

Worth Fighting For: Part Ten
by cosmicfire918
Description: "You doin' okay, big guy?" 

Hyren let out an irritated snort and made the slightest gesture with his chin toward the security camera in the corner.

Week - 637

Worth Fighting For: Part Eleven
by cosmicfire918
Description: He was in a very small room—no, a cell, he surmised. The walls were dark and bare, the sound of distant mechanical humming coming from somewhere below him.

Week - 638

Worth Fighting For: Part Twelve
by cosmicfire918
Description: Hyren brought his sword back for a sweeping strike and it clanged against Garoo's weapon. The two locked blades...

Week - 630

The Editor's Quill
by parody_ham
Description: Editing is a difficult skill to master, but an important skill to have.

Co-written and thumbnail by cosmicfire918

Week - 639

That Great Hunger
by cosmicfire918
Description: Isengrim pawed through the undergrowth, the scent lingering in his nostrils.

Week - 642

Danse Macabre
by cosmicfire918
Description: For a few brief days in Meridell, she was beautiful. For one shining moment in her life, she was the Court Dancer.

Week - 647

The Gourmand's Guide to Fine Neopian Dining: Shenkuu
by cosmicfire918
Description: With its ancient history and rich cultural traditions, this awe-inspiring land of mountains and mist, philosophers and fancy robes has a plethora of regional culinary specialties to pick and choose from.

Week - 650

Rejection Letters
by cosmicfire918
Description: It is with utmost and sincerest apology that I, King Jazan of Qasala, write to you to beg forgiveness for my utterly untoward acts in the last half of Year 7.

Week - 653

Event Horizon
by cosmicfire918
Description: Commander Hyren's bare feet compacted the starch-fine layer of sooty dust covering the desolate planetoid, tagged in his helmet's heads-up display only as Calixto Sigma-3204...

Week - 659

Twenty-Four Hours
by cosmicfire918
Description: "What the..." The Grundo sat up to see who had sawed off half of his bed while he was asleep—and it promptly collapsed underneath him.

Week - 663

Worth Searching For: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Look out!" With a whistle and a bang, fireworks shot through the narrow alleyway.

Week - 664

Worth Searching For: Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: Hyren felt like his stomach had dropped to his stubby blue knees. "Terra? Terra!" he shouted, not bothering to disguise the panic in his tone.

Week - 665

Worth Searching For: Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Hyren, we have to land!" Blynn screamed over a crash of thunder.

Week - 666

Worth Searching For: Part Four
by cosmicfire918
Description: Hyren drifted in and out of sleep for the rest of the day, being vaguely cognisant of things like Anshu treating his wounds or the Ruki doctor having conversations with Blynn, who seemed to be less injured.

Week - 667

Worth Searching For: Part Five
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Wake up," Isengrim said, gently shaking her shoulder. "It is time for the feast in your honour."

Week - 668

Worth Searching For: Part Six
by cosmicfire918
Description: Terra was beginning to wonder if the sun even existed any more.

Week - 669

Worth Searching For: Part Seven
by cosmicfire918
Description: Pharazon didn't dare blink, afraid that once he closed his eyes, the magic would break and the fruits floating above his head would crash down on him.

Week - 670

Worth Searching For: Part Eight
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Skoll, where are we going?" Pharazon trudged down the steep-sided forest path after his Werelupe mentor...

Week - 671

Worth Searching For: Part Nine
by cosmicfire918
Description: Roberta's directions proved to be far more helpful than she'd predicted. Hyren, Blynn, Celice, and Gwyneth found the turnoff easily, and by nightfall they'd begun to make their way up into the wooded mountains.

Week - 672

Worth Searching For: Part Ten
by cosmicfire918
Description: Terra screamed and Hyren felt like he'd been punched in the gut. "No!" He started forward, drawing his sword, with Terra close on his heels.

Week - 673

Worth Searching For: Part Eleven
by cosmicfire918
Description: The Werelupes arrived at dusk.

Week - 674

Worth Searching For: Part Twelve
by cosmicfire918
Description: Gwyneth banked overhead, a familiar Disco Zafara on her back, slingshot loaded. "Thought I'd find you here!" Blynn shouted...

Week - 678

Roll for Initiative
by cosmicfire918
Description: It was a crisp Storing evening in Altador, and it was raining, and Dark_breed_Hyren was doing his best not to catch a cold.

Week - 682

The Gourmand's Guide to Neopian Dining: Meridell
by cosmicfire918
Description: While bearing a cursory resemblance to the baseline cuisine of Neopia Central, due to historical ties between the two regions, Meridell's cultural differences have lent a distinct flavour to its traditional foodstuffs.

Week - 686

A Real Class Act
by cosmicfire918
Description: It was one of those beautiful spring days where nothing is supposed to go wrong.

Week - 688

The Nature of the Beast
by cosmicfire918
Description: The Werelupe King and his owner were watching the sunset. This was not an unusual occurrence—Isengrim spent many an evening like this during his visits to Terra’s Altadorian villa. It had become their tradition, and Isengrim found comfort in traditions, especially in a world that didn’t bother to offer him much more.

Week - 698

Dances With Werelupes: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: “This is an outrage!” Blynn679 backhanded the front page of the Neopian Times. The Disco Zafara’s magenta tail lashed behind her in frustration as she paced around the library of her family’s Altador villa. Her Faerie Draik brother edged over her shoulder to look at the headlines. “What’s an outrage?” ArPharazonTheGolden asked. “This!” Blynn pointed to the largest text on the page: PREPARATIONS FOR ANNUAL CHOCOLATE BALL UNDERWAY.

Week - 699

Dances With Werelupes: Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: The Werelupe King peeked his snout over Terra’s shoulder. “Lady Illusen…” he grumbled. “I was not expecting to see you here.”

“The sentiment is mutual,” the Faerie said, folding her arms and tilting her head, looking down at him like a disapproving parent.

Week - 706

Squid Slippers: Foster Frustrations
by cosmicfire918
Description: That's better.

Week - 715

Shopkeepers: The Truth Behind the Counter
by cosmicfire918
Description: And then I did a double-take. Because the shopkeeper was none other than Fyora herself. Her Royal Faerie Highness was standing there behind the counter, waving as I left the store dumbstruck. What was the Faerie Queen doing tending a small shop in Altador, waiting for passers-by to peruse her employer’s selection of partially-eaten omelettes?

Week - 717

Never Again, Spiced Apple Pie: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: Grundo’s Café was as busy as ever. The canteen on the recreation deck of the Virtupets Space Station held a myriad of Neopets unwrapping their rehydrated Chicken Dumplings and carefully nibbling their Electric Nachos. Wall-mounted screens showed the latest in news and entertainment from around the galaxy, including an interview with some Alien Aisha musicians and the latest strike on Sloth’s forces on some far-flung world.

Week - 718

Never Again, Spiced Apple Pie: Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: Commander Hyren knew he at least couldn’t secure the base from here. Suppressing a moan, he moved for the door and it slid open to reveal a darkened, deserted hallway. If engineering wasn’t going to answer, he’d just have to go to them himself.

Week - 719

Never Again, Spiced Apple Pie: Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: A wriggling pink mass of Space Fungus splayed its tentacles into the control room, bowling over Hyren. He almost got sick right there, but he forced himself to keep his composure and complete the roll, springing back up to punch away a tentacle and wrestle several more.

Week - 722

The Scrivener's Survey
by cosmicfire918
Description: This Scrivener has come out of anonymity to share with all of Neopia, via the Times, the inside scoop on books I’ve read! For truth! For justice! For informed book buying! (And also because the Defenders of Neopia, in no uncertain terms, told me to switch to a more “conventional” method of spreading literary information. When Judge Hog speaks, you listen.)

Week - 727

by cosmicfire918
Description: Night in the Haunted Woods falls with swiftness upon its victims. It is not as many stories say—the forest is not rife with yowling spooks and ghoulish spectres at every turn. It is not a scaled-up version of a Neopia Central Neohome’s Halloween decorations, which brashly proclaim frightfulness in the most colourful of fashions.

Week - 728

Squid Slippers: Meteor Mysteries
by cosmicfire918
Description: Wheeeeee!

Week - 729

Squid Slippers: HP Hassles
by cosmicfire918
Description: Talk about playing favourites...

Week - 731

Squid Slippers: Pick Your Own Pitfalls
by cosmicfire918
Description: Uh, did it really even need to be asked?

Week - 732

Sloth's Daily Dare
by cosmicfire918
Description: He never realized games were so fun!

Also by ruben160

Week - 736

Afternoons at Exquisite Ambrosia
by cosmicfire918
Description: A few weeks before the Altador Cup, before the mass migration of spectators, the teams themselves quietly slip into the city to gear up for the tournament. They train in the stadium and discuss logistics and regulations with the Altador Cup Committee—and when they need some downtime, they head to Exquisite Ambrosia.

Week - 739

Create Your Own Adventure
by cosmicfire918
Description: I always suspected that my Grundo had a sadistic streak. Years of serving as a commander in Dr. Sloth’s galactic marine corps will probably do that to you. But my hunch was confirmed the day Dark_breed_Hyren brought home an Adventure Generator.

Week - 741

Farewell to Lynwood
by cosmicfire918
Description: From the moment Suhel Caradoc laid eyes on the Lynwood School for Girls, she knew she did not belong there. he little Christmas-coloured Lupe poked out her snout from the window of her carriage, eyeing the grounds with distaste.

Week - 743

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: The reason he’d gotten himself into this, ArPharazonTheGolden decided, was because he could never say “no” to anything. The Faerie Draik perched on the edge of the bed in his cabin in a Shenkuuvian sky-ship, staring at the letter in his claws, not really seeing the words so much as coming to the realisation that he was hopelessly wishy-washy.

Week - 744

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: Five days later, on a grey drizzly afternoon, Pharazon stepped off the gangplank of the sky-ship liner and into Brightvale’s bustling skyport. He pulled the hood of his travelling cloak closer around his face to protect himself from the chill air, watching his breath pool in front of his snout every time he exhaled.

Week - 745

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: The augurs were right—the next day was still overcast and cold, but the clouds looked much less likely to rain as Celice rented a carriage to take them to Market Town.

Week - 746

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Four
by cosmicfire918
Description: It really was like stepping into another world. The thick wall behind them muffled the sounds of the city, leaving the ruins eerily silent. Overgrown thickets of brush carpeted the ground, and gnarled old trees, their bare branches devoid of the slightest hint of spring, pushed their roots against cracked stone like they were attempting to escape from their wretched prison.

Week - 747

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Five
by cosmicfire918
Description: Pharazon opened his eyes to cold daylight. Above him stretched tangled, budding tree branches, and past them a cloudy sky. He had no idea what he was doing lying on a muddy forest floor. Where was he?

Week - 748

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Six
by cosmicfire918
Description: Pharazon didn’t know how long he had slept, but it was still night when he found himself suddenly awake. The fire was still going and he was warm enough—what had roused him was a deep and incoherent mumbling.

Week - 749

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Seven
by cosmicfire918
Description: Kass merely stood by, looking utterly confused, while Celice’s jaw was slack with astonishment. “Pharazon—“ she sputtered. “Are you quite sure you know what you’re doing?” He grinned in embarrassment. “I told you already, I’m not quite sure of anything. I’m just doing what feels right instead of waiting around for fear to drive my actions.”

Week - 750

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Eight
by cosmicfire918
Description: This was the longest Pharazon could ever recall walking. His feet hurt. He’d tried flying until his wings hurt, but his feet hadn’t stopped hurting by then, and walking took less energy anyway. The hunger didn’t help. Their breakfast that morning, while kind of Kass to retrieve for them, had not been satiating, and Pharazon’s stomach began to complain loudly, as did Celice’s.

Week - 751

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Nine
by cosmicfire918
Description: Pharazon had no idea what to say. This was the moment he and Celice had been dreading, and although Pharazon had put on a brave front earlier, now that it was actually happening, the only thing he could think of to do was, perhaps, hide under the bed. But fear kept him rooted to the spot.

Week - 752

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Ten
by cosmicfire918
Description: As the carriage passed over the bridge and through the city gates, Pharazon shuddered. The dark energy here was so thick that it seemed to dim the very sunlight. Even Neopets on the streets seemed to at least notice something wasn’t right, as they went about their day looking anxious and harried

Week - 753

The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Eleven
by cosmicfire918
Description: Pharazon’s breath caught in his throat and he felt a pang of emotion run through him. This felt overwhelmingly right. Quietly, he crept across the rug toward the figure.

Week - 759

Family Matters
by cosmicfire918
Description: “The theme of this year’s Games Master Challenge,” he read, “is ‘Heroes versus Villains’. The captain of Team Heroes is King Jazan the Fourth, Ruler of Qasala, Emperor of the Shadowed Sands, Master Sorcerer and Maven of Curses. The captain of Team Villains is… to be determined?!”

Week - 761

The Holly and the Ivy: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: "If you get too cold you’ll fall into torpor, and you won’t wake up ‘til Running.” “Running?! But I’ll sleep right through Giving Day!” That was all the incentive Nan needed to stay in their little cottage until the snows stopped. And that was how winter went in the little hamlet of Caxton Bank, nestled in the foothills of the Werelupe Woods. Most years, anyway.

Week - 762

The Holly and the Ivy
by cosmicfire918
Description: A powerful smell, acrid and rich, filled Nan’s sinuses. She sneezed—and her eyes flew open. The world around her was bright and unfocused, but pungent aromas filled the air and something crackled and popped nearby. And she was warm, positively hot, wrapped in an enormous fur blanket. The blanket removed a pawful of leaves from under Nan’s nose. “Ah, there you are,” it said in a deep, husky voice.

Week - 769

Return to Lynwood: Part One
by cosmicfire918
Description: Of course Terra was a grown owner, but Isengrim could not help but dote on her. She had saved him from himself, showed him the utmost kindness and patience when he was at his worst, and inspired him to have the strength to change, and for that he owed her the world. But he had yet to figure out a way to obtain the world for her, so for now he would make do with being the best Neopet he could be for her.

Week - 770

Return to Lynwood: Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: “It was once a town quite a bit smaller than Barrowmere or Neovia, but holding its own nonetheless. Then… well, I am not quite sure what happened to it. None of us had travelled this way for quite a while, but one spring I ventured back here and… everyone was gone. Even their smell was gone.”

Week - 771

Return to Lynwood: Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: But this illness felt different. She had never coughed so violently before—it shook her whole body and made her ribs hurt, and there were times when it felt like she couldn’t breathe. And she felt so lethargic, like someone had put a heavy weight on her, making everything except sleep more difficult.

Week - 773

Return to Lynwood: Part Four
by cosmicfire918
Description: A few of Isengrim’s thanes let out low growls at the Kougra, which Suhel cut short with a motion of her paw. Pharazon stared hard at the woman, his blue eyes narrowing. Although Lexora looked like she wanted to pass out, she finally said, “C-Caradoc?! I thought I’d never see you again! When you left for the Woods and never came back—we all assumed the worst!”

Week - 774

Return to Lynwood
by cosmicfire918
Description: “You can see curses?” Suhel asked Pharazon. To her Werelupe vision, nothing looked wrong with Lexora at all. “Well, they are a type of magic,” the faerie Draik said. “Magic to me is what smell is to you. I could see Connor’s curse on him, plain as day.”

Week - 775

Return to Lynwood: Part Six
by cosmicfire918
Description: “Children, come here a moment.” The two boys wasted no time in complying. They seemed to perpetually be in a race with each other, while their older sister took her time descending the stairs. “Millie, darling, it’s all right,” Lexora said. “They won’t hurt us. They’re—our friends.” She shot a smile at Suhel, who returned it.

Week - 776

Return to Lynwood: Part Seven
by cosmicfire918
Description: Isengrim awoke to a twinge in his leg and the smell of breakfast. No—to call it just a “smell” would not do it justice.

Week - 777

Return to Lynwood: Part Eight
by cosmicfire918
Description: Isengrim and his pack used to be largely nocturnal, but over the past few years had eased into being more active during the day, to better facilitate relations between them and their non-Werelupe allies.

Week - 778

Return to Lynwood: Part Nine
by cosmicfire918
Description: Isengrim was not sure if the pup had taken to heart his companions’ promise to protect him, but it looked as though Connor at least found them better company than Vakhtang. Although the dark-furred Werelupe could hardly consider that a compliment. He was fairly certain a mutant Kiko with the Sneezles would be better company than Vakhtang.

Week - 779

Return to Lynwood: Part Ten
by cosmicfire918
Description: Suhel hated getting sick. But this was a sickness like nothing she had ever before experienced.

Week - 780

Return to Lynwood: Part Eleven
by cosmicfire918
Description: “Last I checked,” he said, “Vakhtang did not own this place, and he’s got no control over you, either. Why don’t we put an end to his silly charade?”

Week - 781

Return to Lynwood: Part Twelve
by cosmicfire918
Description: "Search every corner of these quarters!” Isengrim barked as two of his packmates hacked down the door. “I want Vakhtang found!”

Week - 772

We Are Made of Choices
by cosmicfire918
Description: Perhaps not so much reading, as reminiscing. His paw pads traced the titles on the spines of the history books, reminding him that he actually remembered so much of what they called “history” these days. In Neopia, he thought, heroes never died—they just went away for a while.

Week - 782

The Curious Case of the Airborne Flatbread
by cosmicfire918
Description: “Your pizza has arrived, sire.”

Week - 783

You've Mastered the Basics--Now What? Part 1
by cosmicfire918
Description: Now I want to share with Neopia some intermediate-level writing tips and guidelines, to help others give their short stories and story series even more life and impact.

Week - 784

You've Mastered the Basics--Now What? Part 2
by cosmicfire918
Description: Now that we’ve got the technicalities down, let’s start talking about story. Part 2 of a 3-part article.

Week - 785

You've Mastered the Basics--Now What? Part 3
by cosmicfire918
Description: In this final installment, I have a few more things to say on the subject of story construction, and then some other miscellaneous tips for the intermediate-level story writer. Part 3 of a 3-part article.

Week - 787

I'm Your Biggest Fan
by cosmicfire918
Description: Hyren and his family sat in Exquisite Ambrosia on a warm afternoon in the month of Relaxing, nibbling on tasty food and discussing his favourite topic this time of year—the Altador Cup.

Week - 793

The Scrivener Returns
by cosmicfire918
Description: It is I, that madcap literary marauder, the Scrivener! Once again, I have ventured into the pages of the Neopian Times to tell you of my latest exploits!

Week - 799

Squid Slippers - That Elusive Super Bonus
by cosmicfire918
Description: Leveling up never looked so good.

Week - 803

Ylana Skyfire Saves Halloween
by cosmicfire918
Description: Ylana Skyfire stalked down the streets of Neopia Central, blaster at the ready. “That stupid Alien Aisha is going to pay for making me come all the way to this backwater planet,”

Week - 805

The League of Adventurers
by cosmicfire918
Description: But ancient Neopia is something else entirely. At any rate, it’s nice to just pretend to adventure sometimes.

Week - 806

Fall From Grace
by cosmicfire918
Description: Her arms were full of books, as usual. "I’ve come to return these and check out more."

Week - 807

On Developing Your Neopet's Character
by cosmicfire918
Description: Here's how...

Week - 808

Giving Day at Black Keep
by cosmicfire918
Description: This is fantastic, Kass, just fantastic!

Week - 809

Giving Day at Black Keep:Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: The lord mayor had picked out some nice rooms for his friends on the same floor as the guest quarters Celice usually stayed in, and he and Celice enjoyed watching them admire the décor.

Week - 810

Giving Day at Black Keep:Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: Two white paws slammed down on the table. "Mother!" Celice barked, ears perked forward and fur bristling. "That is quite enough!"

Week - 811

Giving Day at Black Keep:Part Four
by cosmicfire918
Description: The next morning dawned grey and snowy once more. Kass was glad the stone walls of Black Keep were so thick and sturdy.

Week - 820

Ylana Skyfire: Protector of Spring
by cosmicfire918
Description: Neopia, for all Ylana Skyfire disliked it, was a great place to go when one didn’t want to be found.

Week - 824

The Shadow of Takeryuu
by cosmicfire918
Description: The time is thousands of years before Neopia’s present day. The Circle of Twelve, with the wizard Jahbal at its head, rules the Great Empire in the area of what is now Neopia Central.

Week - 825

The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: The first couple of days of Eunji's journey were peaceful. These mountains were covered in thick, ancient woodland, very sparsely populated save for the occasional temple, but she was not headed close to any of them. She was aiming for the farmlands to the west—and to the Imperial City, if need be. If that was where darkness festered, that was where she would probably find her answers.

Week - 826

The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: The faerie Vandagyre’s antennae quivered. “Come on!” Eunji squawked to Ganzorig as she sprinted in the direction of the scream, toward a mess of frazzled energy she could feel throughout her whole body.

Week - 827

The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Four
by cosmicfire918
Description: Eunji had never seen anything like Muyang Brook Fortress. Its rammed-earth walls were thicker than she was tall, and instead of the bright reds and greens of her temple home, the materials that made up the fortress were more subdued and sombre in colour.

Week - 828

The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Five
by cosmicfire918
Description: Wai Ren was obviously not supposed to be anywhere but the fortress, but thankfully the relic Kougra’s own colouring provided a convenient solution.

Week - 829

The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Six
by cosmicfire918
Description: “Ah, I cannot wait to sleep in an inn instead of on the ground,” Wai Ren said.

The four travellers stood on a hill overlooking a village nestled deep in the woods, only two weeks away from the Imperial City.

Week - 830

The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Seven
by cosmicfire918
Description: The trip to the mines was not easy. Faerie shadows constantly swooped down at them, eyes aglow, but Eunji and Min were quick to dispatch them. Eunji, being faerie-coloured, was especially sensitive to magic, and she let that sense guide her as she led her friends into a dark shaft in the side of a mountain, a hole that looked like a bottomless pit.

Week - 831

The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Eight
by cosmicfire918
Description: It was rainy and cool on the morning Eunji first saw the Imperial City. Built on a flattened mountain top, the sprawling complex of buildings was surrounded by a thick wall, on top of which tall banners flapped imposingly. Below, the mountain dropped off in sheer cliffs, its roots hidden in mists that swirled around it and the other pillar-like peaks in this mountain range.

Week - 832

The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Nine
by cosmicfire918
Description: The throne room was the most lavish place Eunji had ever seen. Crafted out of expensive stone, every surface was painstakingly hand-carved and accented with gold, silver, and precious gems. A few scattered windows let in misty daylight, while lanterns filled in dark corners with a subdued glow. Altogether it seemed a grim room, where no thought was given to happiness or comfort.

Week - 856

Shadow Play
by cosmicfire918
Description: Terra loved Neopia Central at night. The bustling metropolis was already fascinating enough during the day, but at night it turned into a symphony of light and motion. Faerie-dust lamps set down a rhythm of soft light on endless sidewalks, magic signs blinked a syncopated beat above shops and restaurants, and a choir of Eyrie cabs and Uni-drawn lorries streamed along city blocks like a grid-shaped river.

Week - 857

Shadow Play:Part Two
by cosmicfire918
Description: Terra woke up from dreaming that she had a stomachache, to discover that she really did have a stomachache. This was not the first time this had happened in the middle of the night. With a grimace, she carefully rolled over onto her back and tried to relax, listening to her own breathing, trying to think of happy things.

Week - 858

Shadow Play:Part Three
by cosmicfire918
Description: Neopia Central at two-thirty in the morning had a bit of a different vibe. It had stopped raining, and there was still plenty of vehicle traffic, but almost no pedestrians on the sidewalks. Most of the lights in the buildings were out, save for the odd Neopet working a night shift. It was rather eerie—or peaceful,

Week - 859

Shadow Play:Part Four
by cosmicfire918
Description: Terra woke up rather later than she would have liked, but given what had happened last night, she would allow herself all the sleep she needed. Blynn was not in her bed, but the girls’ luggage had been brought into their room.

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