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Week - 836

The Perils of Mutation
by umbrex
Description: Can't resist the urge

Week - 840

Problems at the Poetry Contest
by umbrex
Description: Oh snap!

Week - 841

Look Like a Faerie Queen in 10 Easy Steps
by umbrex
Description: Everybody in Neopia is familiar with the elegant visage of Queen Fyora. Thousands of years old, Fyora is an extremely powerful faerie and the queen of Faerieland! Recently voted most elegant faerie for the sixtieth consecutive century, it's no wonder so many Neopians express a desire to be just like Fyora.

Week - 844

Happy Month of Collecting
by umbrex
Description: bring on the leaves!

Week - 845

This Pie Tastes of Tears
by umbrex
Description: Life dwindling slowly..

Week - 851

(Almost) Everyone's Favorite
by umbrex
Description:'s cold out here

Week - 854

Yuck! I'm not eating one of those!
by umbrex
Description: me to me

Week - 855

The Real (Painful) Deal
by umbrex
Description: yeesh

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