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Week - 517

The Mystery of the Safety Deposit Box
by hannahcreep
Description: "It's the safety deposit box and you're not allowed in it, got it?"

Week - 522

Brains vs. Beauty
by hannahcreep
Description: "Without brains, nobody would know what beauty is!" said Ann the cloud Poogle.

"Well, without beauty, there would be no point..."

Week - 523

The Search for a Home and a Friend: Part One
by hannahcreep
Description: "Welcome to Neopia! A wonderful place for neopets all over! Now, if you could please move. You are holding up the line," the yellow Kacheek said.

Week - 524

The Search for a Home and a Friend: Part Two
by hannahcreep
Description: Spike woke up to the sound of a pan sizzling. He walked to what seemed like a kitchen and saw Jason cooking omelets.

"Good morning! We're going to be eating these on the go. We need to find you a petpet," Jason said.

Week - 525

The Search for a Home and a Friend: Part Three
by hannahcreep
Description: They sighed and sat down on a cold stone chair. "We only have about five locations left. I'll never get a house or a friend," said Spike.

Week - 526

When Neopia Turns Evil: Part One
by hannahcreep
Description: Before Hannah could react, someone was pounding on the door. "It's Judge Hog! Open up and there'll be no trouble!"

Week - 527

When Neopia Turns Evil: Part Two
by hannahcreep
Description: "Are we going to join the dark side or what?! I'm not even supposed to be here! Mom just wanted me to get some fresh air with some friends!"

Week - 528

When Neopia Turns Evil: Part Three
by hannahcreep
Description: "If you guys are such great villains, why haven't you caught us yet?" asked Kroost.

Week - 529

When Neopia Turns Evil: Part Four
by hannahcreep
Description: Kroost turned around to the dark figure in the trees. "Count Von Roo!" yelled Kroost.

Week - 530

When Neopia Turns Evil: Part Five
by hannahcreep
Description: Some pirates were panicking. Maybe because the babies secretly threw away the weapons? Probably.

Week - 531

When Neopia Turns Evil: Part Six
by hannahcreep
Description: "Spike! Kroost! Darlings! Welcome to Altador!" announced the Darkest Faerie.

Week - 532

When Neopia Turns Evil: Part Seven
by hannahcreep
Description: "You're not the chosen ones! We are!" said Norman.

Week - 536

What to Do for Illusen on Illusen Day
by hannahcreep
Description: It can be hard to make her happy. So what should you do on Illusen Day to make her happy? Well, I'll tell you.

Week - 829

by zusania
Description: The reason why Spacerocked only should be played in space...

Idea by: hannahcreep

Week - 833

The Big Move
by hannahcreep
Description: For the Creep family, the moving process was an awful one. No one was expecting it, heck, no one wanted it, but Hannah thought it would be a good idea to bring the family together in one big neohome to bond better.

Week - 834

The Big Move:Part Two
by hannahcreep
Description: I was happy to be picked to go to Mystery Island. Not only as my favorite cousins there but the sand between my toes and the tropical drinks always make me happy.

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