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Week - 773

Wigging Out With Gelerts
by brodysseus
Description: Throughout the year each species of Neopet has a special day reserved for them, a spot on the calendar carved out in their honour. This week, that special honour went to one of my favorite species of all time: Gelerts!

Week - 782

Moehog Day Festivities
by brodysseus
Description: Moehogs get all the glory every year on the 14th day of Hunting!

Week - 784

A Tribute To Lawyerbot
by brodysseus
Description: But these people don't get away, because there is always someone lurking in the shadows to catch them in their terrible acts and deliver them a subpoena, to dole out their punishment and make them serve their time. That person is Lawyerbot.

Week - 786

Shop Wizard Tricks
by brodysseus
Description: Since Jubjub day is this week, I wanted to give you a nice guide as to how the wizard works his magic and how you can get the most out of using this feature.

Week - 785

Unlocking The Mystery Of Petpetpets
by brodysseus
Description: Petpetpets are the next evolution of pet ownership and everyone who is everyone has seen one by now! Here we'll break down a few facts about them, as well as taking a closer look at a few of my favorite!

Also by shortyluvsya182

Week - 787

A Booktastic Journey
by brodysseus
Description: But what the small moon is most famous for is their incredible advances in writing and science, featuring a tiny bookshop that has exploded in popularity and has become a main fixture for any Neopet looking to boost their intelligence.

Week - 788

Hungry For Fashion
by brodysseus
Description: It is a bit intimidating to face the massive amount of wearables currently available to try to find the best edible outfits for your pet to put on, so I've done a lot of research myself to bring you this list. This features various types of wearables, all with food being the star of the piece, that you can give to your pet.

Week - 789

Neohome Insurance & You
by brodysseus
Description: Neohomes are one of the great features of Neopets. It is another layer of customizability to the game that stretches beyond your pets.

Week - 792

Prepare For Battle - On A Budget!
by brodysseus
Description: Recently we have seen a surge of questions flooding the editorial about a mysterious plot or war coming up. Scrappy has been dropping little hints here and there that there might be something on the horizon that will shake up Neopia as we know it...

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