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Week - 752

Ghosts and Monsters: Appreciating their Evilness
by sky_lady
Description: They are evil. They are cool. Be one of them.

Also by earthiness

Week - 753

Making the Most out of Masks
by earthiness
Description: In 2012 Saskia the cybunny opened her mask cart during the Haunted Faire event. Saskia’s mission was to create the ultimate mask, and thus required helpers to try the masks out. Her side event became known as the Masks of Dread.

Week - 762

New Year's Outfit Options
by earthiness
Description: It’s almost that time of year again! Time to rustle through your closets to find the perfect ensemble for that exclusive New Year’s Eve bash. Does your pet have their look ready? From their hat to their shoes? If not, this article may be able to help out!

Week - 766

Deceptively Easy Game Avatars to Get This Year
by earthiness
Description: It's one of the most dreaded avatar categories.. game avatars! Ahhh. But, hear me out, some are actually easy! And perhaps you never even realized how easy. Here I list the top ten deceptively easy game avatar, from easiest to achieve to hardest.

Week - 771

Clothing Catastrophes
by earthiness
Description: Whaddya think?

Week - 776

Clothing Catastrophes 2
by earthiness
Description: Ohhh look!

Week - 777

Luck of the Irish
by earthiness
Description: Today looks like a lucky day!

Week - 780

Customizing Tips & Tricks
by earthiness
Description: Hi all, Eco here, your customization guru to help you with some customizing basics!

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