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Week - 766

A Witty Draik
by keruza
Description: A Draik faces a huge problem when Jhudora steals her necklace.

Week - 767

Why does this always happen?
by keruza
Description: Think before you speak and you might avoid an awkward situation!

Week - 769

Playing Tangram
by keruza
Description: A Nimmo that is not so good at guessing.

Week - 768

Happy Valentine's Day
by keruza
Description: From your secret admirer :)

Week - 770

Pant Devil's weakness
by keruza
Description: Even villains have soft spots.

Week - 771

Pant Devil's Problems
by keruza
Description: Things don't go as expected.

Week - 772

King of Pranks
by keruza
Description: Why so serious?

Week - 773

Feeling Left Out
by keruza
Description: Now that the Charity Corner is over, how's the Money Tree doing?

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