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Week - 731

The In and Outs of Adoption
by dragondancer007
Description: Having noticed during my explorations that, with rare pets, comes rarely seen amounts of competition in the application process, I decided to host an interview with a user experienced at applying for pets, so that readers who may be interested in applying for their own up for adoption pets can get some inside tricks to the trade.

Week - 732

A Quest for Color
by dragondancer007
Description: "A yellow Chia? How boring," Lena sighed, staring back at her reflection in the pool of water. It had rained again last night, leaving puddles of water all over the path to school. She wouldn't mind the rain normally, except this time it had made it impossible for her not to see her reflection, and that was something Lena hated.

Week - 736

A Foster's Perspective
by dragondancer007
Description: Due to its popularity, I decided to make a follow up piece, this time focusing on the fosters adopting out a pet instead of the adoptees. After conducting several surveys, I compiled the results and took the answers of three users who have experience in adopting out pets.

Week - 737

The Benefits of Joining the Neoboards Today!
by imcatcrazy11
Description: Jumping into ongoing conversations can be scary for a new user, but just what are the rewards of taking off your lurker cap and jumping into fellow user discussions?

Also by dragondancer007

Week - 740

The PC: An Insider's Perspective
by imcatcrazy11
Description: But of course, the purpose of this article is to offer an unbiased overview of the PC, so I cannot neglect to explain some of its faults while praising its merits. Though a wonderful place, there are a few things that could be changed or improved upon in the PC.

Also by dragondancer007

Week - 744

The Most Wanted Faerie Quest...
by sophieauditore
Description: Not all of us are lucky...

Also by dragondancer007.

Week - 759

Random Event Revenge
by dragondancer007
Description: After compiling a list of some of the worst random events on the site, I have come up with a way to get back at each random event personally, without any risk to you our your precious computer. It’s quite satisfying knowing that you can get some personal revenge on whoever has dared to target you through one of their random events.

Also by friskyxxx

Week - 760

Wreath Mix-up
by dragondancer007
Description: I thought you said wraith...

Week - 761

Think Again...
by zombifies
Description: Happy Holiday!

Also by dragondancer007

Week - 770

Crumby Fire....
by my_bento_box
Description: That's why. ..

Also by dragondancer007

Week - 771

You Kad To Do It?
by dragondancer007
Description: Really?

Also by aquarelar

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