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Week - 699

NeoPaper: Attack of the Socks
by mbredboy31
Description: Battledome powers gone wrong.

Week - 701

NeoPaper: Envelope Shortage
by mbredboy31
Description: When you're out of envelopes, you have to get creative...

Week - 710

NeoPaper: Bored, Bored, Bored!
by mbredboy31
Description: What on Neopia could possibly relieve our boredom?

Week - 711

NeoPaper: Customizeable Salad
by mbredboy31
Description: Hey, they worked hard on that!

Week - 714

NeoPaper: No Neoschool?
by mbredboy31
Description: Should've learned that by now...

Week - 715

NeoPaper: Symol Logic
by mbredboy31
Description: Who writes the rules, anyway?

Week - 716

NeoPaper: A Trip on Mystery Island
by mbredboy31
Description: Well, that's one kind of trip...

Week - 717

NeoPaper: Loofah!
by mbredboy31
Description: Aww, isn't it cute?

Week - 721

NeoPaper: Question We All Wondered About
by mbredboy31
Description: Well, now you know!

Week - 723

Nan and the Night's Message
by mbredboy31
Description: Nan, a Green Xweetok, could not sleep. It was late, for sure; everyone else in the Neohome was fast asleep. Nan herself had gotten a little bit of sleep, but now she was awake again. Why was she awake? She did not quite know for herself, but she did feel like she was called to a task other than sleeping. She quietly opened the window and snuck out.

Week - 724

Thoughts of a Pair of Edible Pets
by mbredboy31
Description: Robin the Ixi and his adopted sister Sunset the Zafara, a pair of pets living a forest near Shenkuu, sat in a cave, watching the rain outside. Their suburban section of Shenkuu containing their owner's Neohome was not far from there and the rainfall was comparatively light; most pets would have simply braved the weather.

Week - 726

Venn and the Isolated Island: Part One
by mbredboy31
Description: It was yet another average morning for Venn, a Camouflage Gelert. He climbed out of bed, stretched, put on his brown shorts and yellow scarf, and headed to the Neohome's dining room for breakfast. There they ate the typical Neopian meal, consisting mainly of omelets and jelly. After this came probably the most suspenseful part of the day: the journey to the Secret Laboratory, where Venn would be zapped.

Week - 727

Venn and the Isolated Island: Part Two
by mbredboy31
Description: The weather became increasingly stormy. The ship's path was one that passed through the outside of the massive storm surrounding Lutari Island; few ships took this course. The whole reason Lana went on this trip, aside from acting as the ship's engine mechanic, was to study the mysterious storm, for she wanted to someday visit it.

Week - 728

NeoPaper: Grenegg?!
by mbredboy31
Description: Of course it's a great idea!

Week - 729

NeoPaper: Repeat Cycle
by mbredboy31
Description: Hooray! My vocal chords are saved!

Week - 730

NeoPaper: Game Graveyard Mystery
by mbredboy31
Description: What's real and what isn't, in a place like this, anyway?

Week - 731

Custard: The Often Forgotten Edible Color
by mbredboy31
Description: When you hear “edible pet,” what do you think of? Jelly? Chocolate? Biscuit? Fruit and vegetable Chias? There is one more option that is often forgotten about, that being Custard; a material consisting of egg yolk and milk.

Week - 732

NeoPaper: Jelly Pet at Mealtime
by mbredboy31
Description: Observe: a Jelly pet's surreal majesty, as she devours her meal.

Week - 733

NeoPaper: Clickety Clack
by mbredboy31
Description: Sorry, Thal, don't expect to get a straight answer to that.

Week - 734

NeoPaper: Altador Cup Preparations
by mbredboy31
Description: Outfits, check?

Week - 735

NeoPaper: Daily Logic Strikes Again
by mbredboy31
Description: I think somebody'd like a word with the webpage writers...

Week - 736

NeoPaper: Budget Cuts
by mbredboy31
Description: Are you sure there aren't... erm... better things to cut first?

Week - 737

Venn's Return from the Isolated Island
by mbredboy31
Description: For Venn, an Orange Lutari left stranded on Lutari Island, that year’s Lutari Day could not have come soon enough. This was the one day of the year on which the storm around the island weakened just enough for magical teleportation through it to be possible.

Week - 738

NeoPaper: Magical Gardening
by mbredboy31
Description: It's the best kind of gardening!

Week - 740

NeoPaper: Even More Daily Logic
by mbredboy31
Description: Okay, now that's really unfair...

Week - 741

NeoPaper: Surprise Gift
by mbredboy31
Description: Featuring a random, unnamed Chia.

Week - 742

NeoPaper: Meeting the Beauty Contest Eyrie
by mbredboy31
Description: He's much too faboo for the rest of us...

Week - 743

NeoPaper: Pizza Delivery
by mbredboy31
Description: Such an amazingly efficient delivery system!

Week - 744

NeoPaper: Thumb Wrestling
by mbredboy31
Description: Thumb wrestling is best game.

Week - 745

NeoPaper: Making Petpages
by mbredboy31
Description: Notice how the name is slightly inaccurate?

Week - 746

NeoPaper: Question for the Tiki Tack Man
by mbredboy31
Description: Wait, this isn't a question about his mask? Alright then.

Week - 749

NeoPaper: Loophole
by mbredboy31
Description: Why didn't they think of that before?

Week - 750

NeoPaper: The Box
by mbredboy31
Description: Of course it works!

Week - 752

Coltzan's Request
by mbredboy31
Description: If Coltzan randomly gave you a request... would you accept?

Week - 756

NeoPaper: Trip to the Stock Market
by mbredboy31
Description: Have you ever wondered about... that... at the entrance?

Week - 757

NeoPaper: History Lesson
by mbredboy31
Description: So many things that must be explained to a young Neopet...

Week - 759

NeoPaper: DIY Amusement Park Ride
by mbredboy31
Description: It's affordable, easy to build, and doesn't use any power!

Week - 763

NeoPaper: Magical Faerie Communication Slate
by mbredboy31
Description: Isn't Faerie magic wonderful...!

Week - 764

NeoPaper: Friendly Battledome Match
by mbredboy31
Description: Next up in the BD, the most exciting sparring match!

Week - 767

NeoPaper: Vandagyre's Secret
by mbredboy31
Description: Haven't you wondered about that...?

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