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Week - 568

Ten Ways to Celebrate your Neopian Halloween!
by jhudora96
Description: Sure, there are pumpkin patches to visit, costumes to be arranged for your Neopets, even some pre-holiday candy snacking to partake in. But there are tons more ways to celebrate this occasion...

Week - 594

Picnic Panic
by jhudora96
Description: hum dee dum!

Week - 613

The Colors of Fall
by jhudora96
Description: Maybe it's the color change of all the leaves, the idea of a fresh school year, or some other Neopets they're hoping to impress in class - but whatever the reason, it always seems to be in the fall season when our Neopets ask for a new color.

Week - 658

A Fuzzy Friend
by jhudora96
Description: Snowball fight!

Week - 670

Almost In Luck!
by jhudora96
Description: Neefa, the rather ill-tempered baby Buzz, gets a morning surprise...

Week - 671

A Vanda-What?!
by jhudora96
Description: Poor Trasey has completely misunderstood Neopia's brand new Vandagyre!

Week - 686

Thanksgiving Dinner, Neopian Style
by jhudora96
Description: Oh great...

Week - 695

It's a Hard Summer for a Brucicle
by jhudora96
Description: Why can't it always be cold?

Week - 741

The Malevolent Candy Vampire
by jhudora96
Description: Tulse, by very nature—as he was a most fluffy Marshmallow Grundo—always loved all things sweet. In fact he dedicated his life to sweets and eventually opened up his own bakery where he handcrafted every delectable sweet he could dream up!

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