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Week - 653

The Story of a Plushie
by reiqua
Description: My name is Meta... or it used to be. I haven't had a name for a long time now.

Week - 664

"Was Coltzan a Good King?"
by reiqua
Description: "My lord," repeated the breathless Shoyru. "It's a Monocerous. Near the west gate. I came as fast as I could."

Week - 666

The Poking Stick
by reiqua
Description: There are some days you never forget. For Morshiil, the day when her brother poked Ylana Skyfire with a stick was definitely on that list.

Week - 668

The Other University
by reiqua
Description: For a moment, Gyro forgot to breathe. He stared at the parchment envelope in awe. He had been waiting for this letter for weeks.

Week - 669

Without a Care in the World
by reiqua
Description: "You know, Thomas," she said, "growing up is an adventure. And I wouldn't want to miss it for anything."

Week - 723

How to say "Ugga"
by reiqua
Description: No, no, you're saying it wrong! It's further back in your mouth. Now make a trill back there. No, no, no – it's like a rolled 'r', but more of a rolled 'g'. Yes, I think you got it! Now try and put that sound back into the word “Ugga”... Nope, that wasn't right either. Never mind, keep trying!

Week - 724

Sutek's Ancient Tomb
by reiqua
Description: “Nooo, Sarina!” Torin called desperately. His friend teetered precariously on the brink of the pit. Her hands grabbed fistfuls of air. But it was futile really. She fell all the same.

Week - 725

Eye of the Crokabek: Part One
by reiqua
Description: Tim stepped out of the dark tunnel. The reddish glow of Moltara city greeted his eyes. As usual, there was a hum of whirring and puffing machinery. The city was alive with 'pets going about their daily business. And yet, something seemed different today.

Week - 727

Eye of the Crokabek: Part Two
by reiqua
Description: Tim gulped as he scrambled through the tunnels of Moltara on his way back to the surface. No wonder everyone was too frightened to talk about it. But what could one Yurble like Tim do against the might of the Sway?

Week - 726

by reiqua
Description: “What's going on here?” she asked a tall Red Kyrii nearby her.

“TNT have just put up a notice,” he told her, “about the portals that have been appearing. Some people think it's a plot.”

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