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Week - 684

About Faerie Quests
by amarettoball
Description: Sometimes receiving quests is a bit of an annoyance...

Week - 686

Unfortunate Events
by amarettoball
Description: Can you really 'steal' something that was free in the first place?

Week - 688

50 NP
by amarettoball
Description: What's with Neopians painting pet rocks into codestones?

Week - 692

Hunger Gains
by amarettoball
Description: Too full? Not quite.

Week - 694

The Sibling Experience
by amarettoball
Description: Disclaimer: No siblings were unloved in the making of this comic.

Week - 696

Favorite Owner
by amarettoball
Description: Don't pick favorites; it usually doesn't end well.

Week - 697

Playing Favorites
by amarettoball
Description: Don't try to deny having a "favorite pet". It's pretty obvious.

Week - 698

Welcome to the Family?: Part 1
by amarettoball
Description: You know the old saying, "don't judge a book by its cover"? It's good advice.

Week - 699

Welcome to the Family?: Part 2
by amarettoball
Description: Silly Uni, you don't get to choose family members.

Week - 700

700th Celebration
by amarettoball
Description: Do not try this at home... or else you might not even have one!

Week - 702

What Does the Weewoo Say?
by amarettoball
Description: SQUAAWWK!

Week - 703

New Paint Job
by amarettoball
Description: What does he even want that one million NP jug for...?

Week - 704

Eclectic Antics: Hoarders Edition
by amarettoball
Description: Remember to clean out your safety deposit box regularly! (Please.)

Week - 705

Eclectic Antics: Hollow's Eve
by amarettoball
Description: She's not your stereotypical witch...

Week - 706

Eclectic Antics: Writing Tip
by amarettoball
Description: A scathing, poignant remark will henceforth be scrawled in this vacuous space.

Week - 707

Eclectic Antics: Happy Birthday, Neopets!
by amarettoball
Description: Grab your forks; we've got cake!

Week - 709

Eclectic Antics: Broken Vase
by amarettoball
Description: Well, that escalated quickly.

Week - 710

Eclectic Antics: the Gift Thief, Part I
by amarettoball
Description: Our heroes and villains are introduced...

Week - 711

Eclectic Antics: the Gift Thief, Part II
by amarettoball
Description: Our heroes run into some minor mishaps...

Week - 712

Eclectic Antics: the Gift Thief, Part III
by amarettoball
Description: Our heroes question if Christmas really needed saving at all...

Week - 713

Eclectic Antics: Trading Places
by amarettoball
Description: Don't worry, Hanso is currently fine. Slightly charred, but fine.

Week - 714

The Bennett Files: The Case of the Faerie Ring
by amarettoball
Description: It was a chilly day in Altador, which was why Strai was happy to be working inside for once. As a Maraquan Gelert, he was naturally inclined to be outside, or at least around a body of water. Today, though, he was pretty certain that if he had stayed outside for more than a few hours without an enchantment, he would have shriveled up from the dry air and shrunken into a nice little Brucicle.

Week - 715

Eclectic Antics: The True Ghoul Catchers
by amarettoball
Description: Even the Ghoul Catchers outsource their work.

Week - 716

Common Myths About Writing for the Neopian Times
by amarettoball
Description: I happened upon a few topics discussing rumors about how to get published into the Neopian Times. These comments intrigued me, so after I scribbled down a list of the most common ones, I poured myself a sixth cup of coffee, and left for the Neopian Times headquarters to see for myself if they were accurate or not.

Week - 717

Eclectic Antics: Save the Chocolates, Part I
by amarettoball
Description: In which Kaune shows the most polite way to wake someone up.

Week - 718

Eclectic Antics: Save the Chocolates, Part II
by amarettoball
Description: But the real question is: can you really use a frying pan as a weapon?

Week - 719

Eclectic Antics: Save the Chocolates, Finale
by amarettoball
Description: Biscuit shows how to love your family. Kind of.

Week - 720

The Bennett Files: The Case of the Dinner Party
by amarettoball
Description: Strai was absolutely ecstatic when Bennett received an emergency neomail requesting his services down at the Kelp restaurant in Maraqua. It was the land of his paint job, and going there felt much like sinking into a freshly-made bubble bath and never wanting to come out. However, even that feeling didn't prepare him for the scene that lay before him: a group of diners sprawled on the floor, clutching their stomachs in pain.

Week - 721

Eclectic Antics: Neohomes
by amarettoball
Description: In other news, Neopian homelessness is now at an all-time low of 90%!

Week - 722

Eclectic Antics: Winter
by amarettoball
Description: We all have that one friend.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 723

Eclectic Antics: Illusen's Marketing
by amarettoball
Description: Being tiny is an everyday struggle.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 724

Eclectic Antics: Kass and the Village People
by amarettoball
Description: Kass even tried bringing a gift. There's just no pleasing them.

Also by likelife96

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