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Week - 310

Your Pet's Personality
by kelly_d60
Description: Those guys are the reason Neopets is here but they don't get enough attention or a decent personality. Yes, your little pet ought to be the centre of your Neopets account...

Week - 624

Lessons From Neoquest II
by kelly_d60
Description: The various things you'll have to deal with in Neoquest, along with comments from my own game.

Week - 661

How to Never Make So Much as 10,000 NP
by kelly_d60
Description: 1. Never check the Shop Wizard.

Week - 700

70 Things to Improve Your Account
by kelly_d60
Description: There are so many things you can do to improve your account. Everyone can do it, it might take a little bit of work, but every goal is within reach. So, it's time to get started! Perhaps you can even try to complete one a week?

Week - 718

Behind the Price
by kelly_d60
Description: Prices. They are argued over, considered, loved and calculated every single day. But what makes the prices in Neopia? Why can we get one stamp for 10 NP but another costs us 300 million?

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