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Week - 692

Stay Strong with Team Brawn
by alexise1998
Description: You couldn't behave for five minutes, could you?

Also by Tex707

Week - 694

The Problems of Avatars
by chromeninja
Description: Was it really worth it?

Art by alexise1998

Week - 697

Stay Strong with Team Brawn: Random Events
by alexise1998
Description: It could always be worse...


Week - 698

The Problems of Avatars #2
by chromeninja
Description: That's not how this works...

Also by alexise1998

Week - 698

Stay Strong with Team Brawn: A New Moon
by alexise1998
Description: CRASH. Ewww...

Also by Tex707

Week - 699

Stay Strong with Team Brawn: Glasses Are Great
by alexise1998
Description: Lookin' good.

Also by tex707

Week - 705

Stay Strong with Team Brawn: Forever Spooky
by alexise1998
Description: Uh, a little help here?

Also by Tex707

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I feel weird. Sometimes I hold a book like a child. Sometimes I wonder why I have never gotten used to my own appearance. I wonder why I can’t socialize. Why nothing worked out for me. Sometimes I stare down at my hands, wondering where I went wrong.

by ellbot1998

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