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Week - 701

Catch Up on Autumn Reading with the Library Faerie!
by a_ramsell
Description: With cooler weather quickly approaching, many Neopians will soon find themselves wanting to curl up in their cozy Neohomes with a Hot Cup of Borovan and a good book. And that, my friends, is why a chat with the Library Faerie ls long overdue!

Week - 705

Splurge or Steal: Neohome 2.0 Halloween Decorating
by a_ramsell
Description: Halloween is just around the corner, and many Neopians enjoy getting into the spirit by dressing up their Neopets, creating spooky avatar and font combinations, or decorating user lookups. While these are all fantastic ways to celebrate the occasion, Neopians often overlook their 2.0 Neohomes.

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