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Week - 655

Neopoint Customisation for Peophins
by aleu1986
Description: Certain Neopet species are harder to customise than others, and beautiful though they are, Peophins do fall into this category.

Week - 655

The Forgotten Royal Pets
by aleu1986
Description: In honor of the day celebrating Meridell's discovery, I have compiled a list of Royal pets I feel are generally overlooked...

Week - 659

Monstrous Mutants
by aleu1986
Description: What I personally consider to be the most monstrous and awesome Mutant Neopets.

Week - 663

The Ultimate Faerie Quiz
by aleu1986
Description: In celebration of the Faerie Festival, I have put together this fun quiz so you can put your knowledge of Neopia's Faerie folk to the test!

Week - 664

Dazzling Desert Pets
by aleu1986
Description: The Desert Diplomacy event gave us lots of lovely new wearables especially suited Desert pets, but let's not forget the Lost Desert Paint Brush yields the best wearables of all!

Week - 666

Daunting Pirate Captains
by aleu1986
Description: Pirates are feared across Neopia. They sail the open ocean in search of ships to board and plunder for riches.

Week - 670

User Lookup Shield Tribute
by aleu1986
Description: In this article I have chosen a list of shields that are my own personal favourites.

Week - 673

Wonderful Wocky Items
by aleu1986
Description: On the 12th day of this month the Wocky takes the spotlight. For this article I have chosen a handful of the Wocky items I consider to be the most wonderful...

Week - 674

The Jolliest Christmas Pets
by aleu1986
Description: In this article I'll be showing my personal favourite Christmas pets, the ones I consider to be the cheeriest, cutest and cuddliest of all!

Week - 677

The Most Huggable Plushie Pets
by aleu1986
Description: This article is not about the old artwork, beautiful as it is. This writer wants to shed some appreciative and loving light on post-conversion plushie pets.

Week - 679

Paint Brush Parade
by aleu1986
Description: Neopets can be painted a great variety of colours, and over the past few years a whole bunch of new paint brushes have appeared in Neopia. In this article we'll be taking a look at a selection.

Week - 688

Fantastic Faerie Pets
by aleu1986
Description: In this article I've chosen to spotlight a selection of Faerie Neopets, the ones I personally consider to be the most unique and beautiful.

Week - 696

Faerieland Employment Agency Guide
by aleu1986
Description: Every Neopet should have a job! It`s a fun way for you to make some extra Neopoints, plus it gives your Neopets a chance to do something useful and earn their keep. Those stays at the Neolodge and the rides at the Roo Island Merry Go Round aren`t free, you know! So if you have limited time to spend on Neopets on a daily basis, I suggest heading over to the Employment Agency first thing

Week - 697

Gifts for Draik Fans
by aleu1986
Description: When a certain Neopet species pet day is coming up, do you always wonder what gift to get your NeoFriend? What do you get for the one that`s crazy about Kougras, or loves Lupes, or think Acaras are amazing? Now that Draik day is upon us, I have put together this article to help you find a great gift for your NeoFriends that adore Draiks.

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