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Week - 638

The Mender
by swordlilly
Description: Donny tugged on a string and the puppet waved; another tug, and it bobbed its head.

The aged Bori allowed himself a grin.

Week - 646

What To Do With Abandoned Pets?
by swordlilly
Description: Currently, there are more than 280 million Neopets in Neopia. That's... a lot of Neopets.

Week - 648

Petpetsitter: An Advanced Strategy Guide
by swordlilly
Description: It was after I'd done some experimentation on my own that I discovered a gameplay strategy, which I will now share with you in this guide.

Week - 650

Three Types of Neopians
by swordlilly
Description: Today's Neopians are just as passionate about their 'pets as ever, but—as you'll see—in a rather different way than before.

Week - 668

by swordlilly
Description: Terry woke in a room that was far too bright. He was just about to panic for having overslept, when he remembered that he was back home on holiday break, back in the middle of nowhere.

Week - 676

"If Only": Neopets' Nostalgic Economy
by swordlilly
Description: If my observations are correct, nostalgia is the biggest desire driving the Neopian economies.

Week - 689

Open Shore
by swordlilly
Description: The sky was still pink with sleep when Xurray went down to the beach. Early that morning the Custard Blumaroo had stared into her bathroom mirror, wondering what beauty there could be in a face that no longer had anyone to admire it.

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