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Week - 536

The Daily Dare Conspiracy
by aifricr
Description: One plucky journalist uncovers a conspiracy that will amaze you regarding AAA and our own beloved King Roo...

Week - 537

Where to Live in Neopia?
by aifricr
Description: Your handy guide to the top ten places to live in Neopia!

Week - 538

An April Fools Addict
by aifricr
Description: It's very funny but three hundred and sixty-four days of the year (and an extra one on leap years) I'm a very sensible, ordinary person.

Week - 540

Celebrating Negativity!
by aifricr
Description: Sometimes we all need a little negativity in our lives...

Week - 542

My Brother Eftae
by aifricr
Description: The night before I was due to leave for Mystery Island, Eftae came into my room. He was my brother and best friend. 'Are you excited?' he asked...

Week - 682

Pros and Cons
by aifricr
Description: Rhamory was the youngest of four pets, the only one still left at home, so there was quite a choice for who would mind him while his owner was away.

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