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Week - 602

Magic and Mayhem: Part One
by thedoggirl_97
Description: "Sand!" hisses a familiar voice, which makes Sand (the kepru) just about drop a third good-sized tchea fruit.

Week - 603

Magic and Mayhem: Part Two
by thedoggirl_97
Description: As the sun reluctantly sinks down into the west, the princess peers out over the desert to see the shady blue waters of the ocean. Sighing, she leans on the balcony's rail and admires the garden below...

Week - 604

Magic and Mayhem: Part Three
by thedoggirl_97
Description: "Princess!"

Princess Sandra nearly leaps out of her fur when her Kyrii friend appears behind her in a puff of scarlet smoke.

Week - 605

Magic and Mayhem: Part Four
by thedoggirl_97
Description: Suddenly, a scruffy, blue-ish grey Eyrie materializes shouting, "Beware! Beware! And... uh, BOO!"

Week - 606

Magic and Mayhem: Part Five
by thedoggirl_97
Description: "We caught him snooping around your chambers, Lord Razul."

Week - 607

Magic and Mayhem: Part Six
by thedoggirl_97
Description: Four pairs of paws grab the princess, who has slumped to the ground, and drag her into the portal. A burned and battered shadow Kyrii limps toward the portal after them. Sand can hardly breathe.

Week - 608

Our Castle
by thedoggirl_97
Description: "Got any threes?" My brother, a large red Lupe, peered out from behind his hand of cards.

Week - 624

The Best Present Ever: Part One
by thedoggirl_97
Description: "Ruby!" Violet called, using her faerie wings to gracefully dodge Xsteriod and Storm, who were tangled up in Christmas lights. "I need you and Emerald to take the cookies out of the oven- And don't you DARE eat them!"

Week - 625

The Best Present Ever: Part Two
by thedoggirl_97
Description: Ruby grimaced as two paws fidgeted around on his back, kneading on his spine. He grunted impatiently, very grateful that the outside decorations were taken care of.

Week - 634

Alfred Quenton, Villain Extraordinaire: Part One
by thedoggirl_97
Description: "Monstrous Lupe and skinny Ogrin boy, you are about to receive a once-in-a-lifetime offer! Although you may be pathetic and wimpy now, I will mold you into mighty villains to be feared and respected. All you have to do is sign here and here."

Week - 635

Alfred Quenton, Villain Extraordinaire: Part Two
by thedoggirl_97
Description: The massive Skeith's bronze and scarlet wings drooped. "Don't you recognize me?"

Week - 636

Alfred Quenton, Villain Extraordinaire: Part Three
by thedoggirl_97
Description: "But I don't understand." Alfred scratched his chin. "I specifically remember testing the measurements multiple times. There's no possible explanation-"

Week - 654

How To Interview A Superhero
by thedoggirl_97
Description: You'd be surprised what you can do with mountains of yarn, a hazmat suit and a vacuum hose.

Week - 668

Not So Lucky
by thedoggirl_97
Description: Ah, fall. The weather grows colder, leaves change color and students scramble to prepare for university life. Brightvale University is by far the most popular choice.

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