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Week - 303

Lending Adam! And Other Amusing Neoboard Trends
by indulgences
Description: Ever wanted to know about the latest and greatest trends on the Neoboards, while laughing about the charming mistakes we make there every day? Just hop onto the Neoboard Index, my friends...

Week - 309

Show Off Your Pet! But First, Rate My Lookup?
by indulgences
Description: Here are some of the most recent and most popular Neoboard topics, starting with the biggest, the rowdiest, the most "faboo" board topic of them all!

Week - 330

The 10 Coolest Ways to Revamp Your Old Gallery!
by indulgences
Description: Here are some of the coolest ways to revamp your gallery, without breaking the bank or taking away from that Baby Paint Brush fund.

Week - 331

Your 10 Favorite Screenies Of All Time!
by indulgences
Description: Here are some of the most popular screenie types of all time, according to a survey I hosted myself on the Help Neoboard. What are the screenies that make you all smile, laugh out loud, and clap for joy?

Week - 332

Interviews With Your Favorite BD Opponents!
by indulgences
Description: Here, without further delay, are interviews with some of your favorite one-player Battledome opponents!

Week - 337

How A Pirate Blumaroo Found Her Greatest Treasure
by indulgences
Description: She had even sold the gold earring she had gotten after being painted with a Pirate Paint Brush for a profit. Yes, she was quite ambitious, this Blumaroo of ours...

Week - 336

How Do YOU Feel About Crying Neopets?
by indulgences
Description: Do they make you cry yourself? Do you get angry or upset whenever you see them in a foul mood, growling back at you? Or do you feel noncommittal, since they're only made of pixels?

Week - 338

Why They Don't Wear Clothes!
by indulgences
Description: There are three neglected segments of the Neopet population that, sadly, can't don clothes or hand-held accessories. These are the Baby Neopets, the Maraquan Neopets, and the Mutant Neopets...

Week - 340

Your Neoboard Personality!
by indulgences
Description: Who knew that so much of Neopian culture could be encompassed in just 20 questions about the Neoboards?

Week - 341

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part One
by indulgences
Description: If there was one thing he'd learned about the world, it was that he had to put up a tough front...

Week - 342

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Two
by indulgences
Description: There was only one problem. As a Techo Master, he was expected to supply weapons with which to equip his students...

Week - 343

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Three
by indulgences
Description: "Thank you for lending me this lovely sword," he said to her. "It suits me just fine. It's just the thing..."

Week - 344

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Four
by indulgences
Description: There was a knock at the door, and a nervous Koi walked into the school. "I've c-come for t-training," stammered the nervous Koi...

Week - 345

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Five
by indulgences
Description: The Techo grinned and burst into wild applause when the Faerie choir finished its song...

Week - 346

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Six
by indulgences
Description: "They want to record MY words?" asked the Techo Master in astonishment. "Why me?"

Week - 347

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Seven
by indulgences
Description: "You made it into the Neopedia, Master, and everyone is talking about the greatest Battledome instructor in all of Neopia! It's you! Everyone is talking about the old Techo Master on Mystery Island!"

Week - 348

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Eight
by indulgences
Description: The Techo Master had begun his class an hour ago. He was very old now...

Week - 349

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Nine
by indulgences
Description: There was only one problem. The Swashbuckling Academy team was much wealthier than the Mystery Island team, showing up in matching uniforms and toting an amazing array of matching weapons...

Week - 350

Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Ten
by indulgences
Description: The old Techo Master warmed himself in a great chair by the fireplace. He was old now, quite old, but he still held classes twice a week...

Week - 339

How Do You Feel About Robot Pets?
by indulgences
Description: Do you prefer Robot pets with, or without, their shiny metal casing? It’s a question I asked many different Neoboards, wondering how people felt about the myriad of different looks that Robot pets could wear...

Week - 395

How Anchu Learned The True Meaning Of Class
by indulgences
Description: "I could never understand why you stopped playing in the middle of the Altador Cup," said Boxer with a pout...

Week - 401

Life Without Toilet Paper?
by indulgences
Description: It's time to get down to all the clever items they HAVEN'T come up with!

Week - 577

What Are Your Neo Neuroses?
by indulgences
Description: I simply have to clear out my inventory every night. And I figure that donating all my cheap items to the Money Tree might give me some future Neo luck!

Week - 578

How Do You Indulge Yourselves On Neopets?
by indulgences
Description: I decided to ask the users on the Help Neoboard about the fun things they treat themselves to, and I received a plethora of responses!

Week - 579

How Has Neopets Changed You?
by indulgences
Description: I have to admit, Neopets has not been just a gaming website I occasionally visit when I'm bored. It's become a gorgeous hobby full of fun, friends and entertaining goals!

Week - 580

What Are The Avatars You're Tired Of Trying For?
by indulgences
Description: I'm still itching to acquire a handful of avatars that are difficult to earn, or else so random that I've almost given up on getting them!

Week - 581

How Do YOU Break the Mold on Neopets?
by indulgences
Description: Being curious, I wandered over to the Help Neoboard and asked everyone how they break the mold on Neopets. I was pleasantly swamped with many warm and enthusiastic replies!

Week - 582

What Qualities Do You Like In Your Fellow Neopians?
by indulgences
Description: I posted a thread on the Help Neoboard asking people what qualities they like to see in their fellow Neopians.

Week - 594

What Are Your Humblest Neopets Wishes?
by indulgences
Description: By humble, I mean wishes that don't require a lot of Neopoints to fulfill.

Week - 595

What Is Your Weirdest Neopets Quirk?
by indulgences
Description: I know you have one! Maybe even several!

Week - 596

What's In YOUR Inventory, And Why?
by indulgences
Description: Do you keep your inventory full of junk items, to avoid getting your valuable items blasted into sludge? Or do you not care at all?

Week - 597

What Is YOUR Gaming Philosophy?
by indulgences
Description: Curious about how people regard the games on this site, I wandered over to the Games Neoboard and asked everyone to contribute their opinions!

Week - 598

How Do You Judge Your Fellow Neopians?
by indulgences
Description: When you're chatting with people on the Neoboards, what aspect of their personality do you zero in on?

Week - 601

Do YOU Want Retired Avatars To Come Back?
by indulgences
Description: A person can dream, can't she?

Week - 602

What's Your Favorite Way Of Helping Others?
by indulgences
Description: Some people are so generous...

Week - 604

Creative Ways To Use Your FFQs!
by indulgences
Description: Needing help and some good advice, I wandered over to the Help Neoboard and asked them for their unconventional opinions as to what I should do with this precious FFQ.

Week - 606

What Do You Hoard In Your SDBs, And Why?
by indulgences
Description: I currently have 5,000 Vials of Pure Water, 1401 Mysterious Orchids, and 128 Spirit Of The Ruins Fizzes in my Safety Deposit Box. Why, you might ask? Well...

Week - 607

How Did You Learn To Love Neopets?
by indulgences
Description: I asked the Neoboard with the biggest variety of people, the Help Neoboard: What did you learn to love on Neopets that you didn't like before?

Week - 610

Do You Have A System For Playing On Neopets?
by indulgences
Description: I asked the Help Neoboard if they have any personal systems that help them to enjoy this marvelous site. I got many interesting replies!

Week - 611

What's Your Favorite Part Of Each New Month?
by indulgences
Description: I greet each new month on Neopets with happy satisfaction! To me, the beginning of each new month symbolizes a kind of renewal, and I love starting fresh!

Week - 612

What You Didn't Know About Your Favorite Neoboards!
by indulgences
Description: I decided to study each Neoboard and figure out all the things you might not know about your favorite Neoboards!

Week - 614

If You Could Talk To Your Newbie Self...
by indulgences
Description: What sort of advice would you give him or her? Intrigued by this idea, I stalked the Neoboards and recorded what they'd love to have known as newbies!

Week - 616

All The Things We're Looking Forward To!
by indulgences
Description: I was chatting on the Help Neoboard one day when people started discussing the things we still want, such as new competitions and new avatars. It got me thinking...

Week - 618

Tales Of Terror, Straight From The Neoboards!
by indulgences
Description: 'Tis the season of spooks and scares, of tricks and treats. Here are some of the scares to look out for, not only during Halloween, but all year round!

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