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Week - 575

Still Taking Care Of You
by almedha
Description: "Not again! No, don't leave me! Don't leave, please!" Anna screamed into the darkness.

Week - 574

by almedha
Description: First pets are special pets. I don't know why, but they are. It doesn't matter if they've got terrible names or a boring color. Owners all over Neopia have kept their first pets for reasons they might not even know.

Also by shoobydala

Week - 585

I Called Her Claudia
by almedha
Description: "Welcome to the family!"

Week - 594

Magic is a Dangerous Business
by almedha
Description: The thing about magic is that, when things go wrong, there are disastrous consequences.

Week - 598

Homecoming: Part One
by almedha
Description: McCloud hesitated to mention it, since it sounded crazy and definitely was crazy. But Anna needed to know who she was living with, didn't she? "He thinks he's from Jelly World."

Week - 599

Homecoming: Part Two
by almedha
Description: "Jelly World wasn't in Meridell, I take it," Anna guessed with a small smile, putting a bowl of hot chocolate down...

Week - 600

Homecoming: Part Three
by almedha
Description: "Yeah. This is loads better," McCloud muttered sarcastically.

"Quit your whining." Rushishi plodded off ahead down the darkened and misty pathways of the Haunted Woods...

Week - 601

Homecoming: Part Four
by almedha
Description: "This is better," Rushishi muttered, looking up at the sun responsible for the sweltering Tyrannian heat.

Week - 605

101 Ways to Annoy a Uni
by almedha
Description: "101 Ways to Annoy a Uni?" McCloud was glad he was an Eyrie if someone out there was publishing books like this...

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