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Week - 399

The Ultimate Game of Hide-and-Seek
by lyteila
Description: Why not to paint your pets cloud or camouflage.

Idea by dogcrazy04140

Week - 448

King Hagan's Real Aim
by dogcrazy04140
Description: Having trouble impressing King Hagan? Wondering why?

Idea by lyteila

Week - 455

The Wishing Well: What Did You Ask For?
by g_mmmonster
Description: (:

Also by dogcrazy04140

Week - 465

Watch What You Eat!
by dogcrazy04140
Description: Sometimes it's alright to be picky with your food every once in a while!

Week - 482

Spotted: Can't Stop Shaking
by dogcrazy04140
Description: *shakes*

Week - 493

The Right Way
by 1992jk1995
Description: ? ? ?

Idea by dogcrazy04140

Week - 495

Ultimate Battle: Who's Better?
by 1992jk1995
Description: Fire! Magma! Fire! Magma!

Idea by dogcrazy04140

Week - 505

Watch What You Type
by dogcrazy04140
Description: Who's Dr. Sock?

Week - 601

The Laughing Cure
by dogcrazy04140
Description: Why are you laughing?

Also by 1992jk1995

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