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Week - 431

by allison_kitty11
Description: I'm bored.

Week - 436

Getting a Job
by allison_kitty11
Description: At the Employment Agency

Week - 437

April Fools
by allison_kitty11
Description: Happy birthday?

Week - 441

Something Has Happened!
by allison_kitty11
Description: Oh, hi!

Week - 449

by allison_kitty11
Description: I bet you didn't know that!

Week - 459

by allison_kitty11
Description: A new book!

Week - 464

The Lab Ray
by allison_kitty11
Description: What's wrong?

Week - 489

Grey Art
by allison_kitty11
Description: The purple Zafara's hand flew across the sketchpad, scribbling a portrait of the scenery in front of her.

Week - 492

Bubble Gum
by allison_kitty11
Description: Yum!

Week - 497

A Day In The Life
by allison_kitty11
Description: I found myself wondering what my pets usually do on their Saturdays. What would it be like to live a day in the life of one of my neopets?

Week - 501

Innocent Eyes
by allison_kitty11
Description: It was technically his first time ever actually staying in the pound. The grey Lupe had been traded from one owner to the next countless times throughout his life.

Week - 512

Moving On
by allison_kitty11
Description: Located at the very end of the road was an old, worn down wooden neohome that looked as though nobody had lived in it for years.

Week - 520

The Problems We Face
by allison_kitty11
Description: I pondered for a moment if I should do something. She looked so lonely, so in need of a friend.

Week - 523

One Mistake
by allison_kitty11
Description: "Because, Dal, I've already made two earlier today and received no offers. Clearly owners aren't coming to me, so I have to go to them," I explained, once again.

Week - 526

Thief No More
by allison_kitty11
Description: 'Any moment now the time will be perfect to strike,' the thief thought as the neopet got closer.

Week - 529

For Amy
by allison_kitty11
Description: It happened one weekend I had spent at the Neolodge.

Week - 532

by allison_kitty11
Description: "Even though your birthday isn't for another two weeks, your siblings and I decided to give you your biggest birthday gift early, if you want it," Tiana explained, her face beaming.

Week - 533

by allison_kitty11
Description: I didn't really care. She wasn't my problem.

Week - 540

My Inspiration
by allison_kitty11
Description: "Oh, why can't I think of anything?" I groaned aloud to myself.

Week - 543

Can You Remember?: Part One
by allison_kitty11
Description: "That's so unfair! You have got to be the worst owner ever!"

Week - 544

Can You Remember?: Part Two
by allison_kitty11
Description: "Oh good, you're finally awake," the woman said, approaching her.

"Where am I? What happened?" Saeleah was confused beyond belief.

Week - 545

Can You Remember?: Part Three
by allison_kitty11
Description: That night, Saeleah's dreams filled her brain with strange, hauntingly familiar images...

Week - 557

An Empty Heart, A Lost Soul
by allison_kitty11
Description: "Come on, Rosie. You're next up on stage. You look perfect," the tall human girl said as she dragged me to the stage where I would be showing off for the Beauty Contest.

Week - 559

I Am Beautiful
by allison_kitty11
Description: "Mommy, what kind of neopet is that?" 

"That's a Xweetok, sweetie."

"Why is she so ugly looking?"

Week - 568

by allison_kitty11
Description: Never in my life had I imagined I would ever become friends with Jaqueline the desert Xweetok.

Week - 572

Lessons and Life
by allison_kitty11
Description: Ms. Elson could not have smiled brighter, Leroy thought. It sure didn't take a lot to cheer her up; all she really wanted was some company once in a while.

Week - 575

Stand By Me
by allison_kitty11
Description: "I really just need a few more neopoints to finish buying some gifts!" Cev said.

At this, several customers behind the two pets snapped at him to get out of line.

Week - 578

Overboard: Part One
by allison_kitty11
Description: "Oh, I just can't decide! I'll simply have to bring both," the royal girl Wocky said to herself as she stuffed the two bottles forcefully into the already over-stuffed suitcase.

Week - 579

Overboard: Part Two
by allison_kitty11
Description: Her beloved Wocky was missing! What if something terrible had happened to her?

Week - 580

Overboard: Part Three
by allison_kitty11
Description: Karina had already spent thousands of neopoints to hire the Defenders of Neopia, as well as several other rescue teams to search for Xepen in the ocean and the land surrounding the area the ship had crossed. So far there had been no luck...

Week - 581

Overboard: Part Four
by allison_kitty11
Description: The food was awful; for a pet used to eating nothing but the most exquisite and expensive dishes in Neopia on a daily basis, it was difficult for her to get used to having nothing but fish and grog every day.

Week - 582

Overboard: Part Five
by allison_kitty11
Description: "I can't believe this is happening. What are we going to do? How am I ever going to get home?" Xepen cried, sitting down in the hot sand.

Week - 583

Overboard: Part Six
by allison_kitty11
Description: It was a dull and unexciting job; there was hardly anything for the two girls to do most afternoons, so Aspen let them take a break during noon, when they would explore the city of Sakhmet.

Week - 584

Overboard: Part Seven
by allison_kitty11
Description: "How can I get another pet, Thalia? Xepen was like a daughter to me; I know she's out there somewhere, I can feel it. I'll find her!"

Week - 591

Mr. Jonathon Chambers
by allison_kitty11
Description: The thief stared hungrily at the structure, his gaze filled with pure greed. He'd had his eyes set on this place for months...

Week - 593

Beneath the City
by allison_kitty11
Description: All the shops were closed for the night, and it appeared not a single Neopian was out in the late night storm. That is, aside from a solitary cloaked figure that slowly made its way down the empty road.

Week - 601

Her Song
by allison_kitty11
Description: He did not smile as his fingers gently ran over the golden strings. He stared, unblinking, at the orange sky for several moments.

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