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Week - 395

An Iliad: Part One
by eternus_dragon
Description: "Remember, six o'clock sharp! Don't be late. Lord Bracken is here to discuss the war, to enlist help and... well, you'll find out."

Week - 396

An Iliad: Part Two
by eternus_dragon
Description: Azure continued to feign unconsciousness, as she debated how to attack the guard. They would have taken her sword away, so that left her with her teeth and claws.

Week - 397

An Iliad: Part Three
by eternus_dragon
Description: "What?" Azure reeled back, shocked. "But I j-just got here! I've never fought in a war before!"

Week - 398

An Iliad: Part Four
by eternus_dragon
Description: They were being sent to scout the forests and mountains where the Shadow Blades often hid.

Week - 399

An Iliad: Part Five
by eternus_dragon
Description: Carefully, Azure stepped out and was escorted by her two guards along a corridor. She kept her eyes peeled for an opportunity for escape...

Week - 400

An Iliad: Part Six
by eternus_dragon
Description: Stuck in her cell, Azure was sick and tired of sitting there, watching the moss grow on the walls.

Week - 401

An Iliad: Part Seven
by eternus_dragon
Description: "The only reason that they didn't finish us back there was because they realized Jerdana was coming."

Week - 597

Landing Stars
by eternus_dragon
Description: "I was crashing," he said.

"Yes, quite fortunately for you, I noticed."

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