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Week - 543

A Tribute to Memory
by keshia_songwings
Description: Rutu, you break my heart. ;_;

Week - 566

Like Clockwork - Part One
by keshia_songwings
Description: Brought to you by Neopian Magic in cooperation with Artistic Licensing, Co.

Week - 567

Like Clockwork - Part Two
by keshia_songwings
Description: You know they're really determined when there's pink backgrounds and action lines involved.

Week - 568

Like Clockwork - Part Three
by keshia_songwings
Description: ...That didn't really work.

Week - 569

Like Clockwork - Part Four
by keshia_songwings
Description: She spent her entire life guarding a Negg; she probably deserves to have some fun.

Week - 570

Like Clockwork - Part Five
by keshia_songwings
Description: That's too bad, but look, a Hasee!

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