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Week - 450

by umbreon133
Description: TNT, get your quills ready... these weewoos are mean business!

Week - 452

The Next Big Thing
by umbreon133
Description: Talk about being a big cup fan!

Week - 454

All Woks of Life
by umbreon133
Description: Everyone in Neopia is searching for the solution to this new avatar!

Concept by carrotbreath

Week - 466

One Letter, A Huge Difference
by umbreon133
Description: Just a reminder of how important spelling can be!

Week - 467

by umbreon133
Description: Make sure you always check your treats before you eat them!

Week - 469

Obvious Lurker
by umbreon133
Description: Word to the wise: avoid flaming eyes if you're trying to be sneaky.

Week - 471

by umbreon133
Description: Well, there's more than one way to surprise someone...

Week - 473

A Cynic's Ten Cents
by umbreon133
Description: Oh Skarl, you've outdone yourself this time.

Week - 475

The First Stuffed Chronicles
by umbreon133
Description: Presenting Zane, Stick and Wala, at their finest! Concept by np_faeries

Week - 479

Momma Knows Best
by umbreon133
Description: Sure, taunt Xandra, if you dare...

Week - 480

I'll Take My Chances
by umbreon133
Description: What do you do when the odds are against you?

Week - 490

Revenge Is Sweet
by umbreon133
Description: What would happen if TNT didn't pick Daily Dare challenges?

Concept by brahski

Week - 493

A Little BIT Obsessed
by umbreon133
Description: New 8-Bit Chombies don't seem to understand what all the hubbub is all about. They're flippin' cool!

Concept by brahski

Week - 494

Yeah, *random*
by umbreon133
Description: TDMBGPoP gets a bit bored being in that tree; who can blame him? He has to have SOME sort of fun!

Week - 501

Sweet, Sweet Victory
by umbreon133
Description: How do you choose between two appetizing edible neopets?

Concept by brahski

Week - 508

S'more paintbrushes, please!
by umbreon133
Description: Just one PB away from the best summer treats! (No neopets were harmed in the making of this comic.)

Concept by brahski

Week - 547

The Real Fyora
by umbreon133
Description: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Happy Fyora Day!

Week - 548

Why P3s Hate the Petpet Lab
by umbreon133
Description: You think your petpet has it bad?

Week - 568

Ghouls, Ghosts, and... Giggles?
by umbreon133
Description: Beware of tricksters this Halloween!

Concept by annrawr

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