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Week - 424

Time Travel: Why Neopets Does Not Have It
by lucas4429
Description: Can you imagine?

Idea by notp3rfect

Week - 423

Magma Pets: Why He Became One
by lucas4429
Description: And that's why I became a magma pet!

Week - 457

Wishing Well Secrets
by lucas4429
Description: No petpets were harmed in the making of this comic.

Week - 518

The Labray Knows
by lucas4429
Description: and it tries to help. O-o

Week - 520

The Life of a Krawken
by lucas4429
Description: Now with 20% more cannonballs.

Week - 525

That Awkward Moment
by lucas4429
Description: No pets were harmed in the making of this comic.

Week - 526

My Favorite Kind of Gift
by lucas4429
Description: Happy Holidays!

Week - 562

by lucas4429
Description: Anyone have some Dorkleberries?

Week - 566

by lucas4429
Description: Imagine all those stairs.

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