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Week - 443

Out to Lunch
by kamagirin
Description: Welcome to the family!

Week - 445

OTL: Dinner
by kamagirin
Description: You really don't have a choice...

Week - 489

OTL: Eye Candy
by kamagirin
Description: Why would he eat it in the first place?

Week - 490

OTL: Terror Mountain
by kamagirin
Description: Perks of being a ghost: Enjoying slushies in a cold snowy place with a T-shirt.

Week - 491

OTL: Tombola
by kamagirin
Description: It's better than nothing...

Week - 492

OTL: Meridell
by kamagirin
Description: KISSY KISSY KISSY...

Week - 495

OTL: Ice Cream
by kamagirin
Description: A cure to any problem.

Week - 531

OTL: Ice Cream Machine
by kamagirin
Description: She was just trying to help....

Week - 532

OTL: @Golden Dubloon
by kamagirin
Description: They're both equally lame... *faceplant*

Week - 566

OTL: Sunday Dinner
by kamagirin
Description: Mmm.... you just can't get used to it. (:

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