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Week - 379

The Valentines Day Card Catastrophe
by hermione_890_neo
Description: I ran to my house and looked closely at the pile blocking my door.

It seemed to be a bunch of cards.

Week - 394

What is a Chia Mite?
by hermione_890_neo
Description: What are they? Scary looking, that's for sure. But are they really Chias? Or something else?

Week - 413

by hermione_890_neo
Description: At least that second pair of ears is good for something!

Week - 450

by hermione_890_neo
Description: The streets were empty. Just like that. Everyone gone. The sudden silence rang in her ears...

Week - 475

Making it Feel Like Christmas
by hermione_890_neo
Description: Does it still feel like any other time of year? Have you not been able to find that Christmassy feeling?

Week - 546

by hermione_890_neo
Description: It was harder to say than I'd expected. It felt like someone had glued the words inside my mouth.

Week - 551

Letters, Snorkles, Slander
by hermione_890_neo
Description: You, dear sir, are the very sort of person that is so inherently dreadful that the dirt you touch feels itself to be unclean.

Week - 553

by hermione_890_neo
Description: Though Julie knew that her daughter and petpet shared a paint brush color, it looked entirely different on the two of them and it wasn't until things like this that she was unpleasantly reminded. She made it a point to forget. There were enough painful reminders as it was.

Week - 566

For Those Planning to Visit Maraqua
by hermione_890_neo
Description: Many don't realize that speaking underwater can pose difficulties if it isn't something you're used to.

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