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Week - 545

Top Ten Birthday Cakes
by angelpuss535
Description: The world of Neopia is filled with numerous cakes that are all delicious.

Week - 548

Finding a Home: Part One
by angelpuss535
Description: "This is the Petpet Protection League, open up!" Cassie yelled, banging on the door.

Week - 549

Finding a Home: Part Two
by angelpuss535
Description: "Zachary!" Cassie hissed, her eyes going wide. 

"I hear it," he whispered calmly, slowly standing up.

The two of them stood as still as statues, not daring to...

Week - 550

Finding a Home: Part Three
by angelpuss535
Description: "I had room, but then I got books!" the Ixi giggled. "Books, books, books!"

Week - 555

Permanence: Part One
by angelpuss535
Description: "Excellent." Dr. Death grinned, rubbing his hands together.

Translation: I'm going to have fun making her a prisoner.

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