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Week - 504

Dooming Parlour
by cuppatee
Description: My hair is dry and frizzy!

Week - 505

Underrated Unfortunate Events
by cuppatee
Description: Why!?!

Week - 506

Which Baby are You?
by cuppatee
Description: The difference between hand-painted babies and Boochi'd babies

Week - 507

Dilemmas of an Avatar Collector: Super Adamant Pea?
by cuppatee
Description: My fantabulous, cutie, adorable pea Chia!!

Idea by pyrochick159904

Week - 535

Dilemmas of an Avatar Collector: Let It Melt!
by cuppatee
Description: Blizzards!

Idea by pyrochick159904

Week - 552

You Can Talk?
by cuppatee
Description: Whoa.

Idea by reayla

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