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Week - 441

The Baby Chronicles - Daycare
by spirit_wolf589
Description: "No, Mama, please! Can't I just stay at home? I'll be fine by myself, honest! No, no no no no no!"

Week - 444

The Truth About Jelly World
by spirit_wolf589
Description: "You know as well as I do that Jelly World is NOT real, so stop trying to find it."

Week - 473

by spirit_wolf589
Description: "Breez, honey, could you go out and see how expensive her cure is? Mushroom Ointment?" Mother asks.

Week - 510

All About: Famous Kougras
by spirit_wolf589
Description: A list of information about the most famous Kougras around.

Week - 541

Letters to Eliana
by spirit_wolf589
Description: These letters were found in a safe inside an abandoned, broken down house in Faerieland...

Week - 545

The Baby Chronicles: A Horror Story
by spirit_wolf589
Description: "What do you want me to do about it?" Jayvion says disinterestedly.

"Entertain me!"

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