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Week - 479

Habitarium - Level 50 Starting to Bug You?
by dawwetje
Description: Read on to find some tips and tricks you may not have known about petpetpet Habitarium.

Also written by penury

Week - 496

Habitopia – 10 Ways to Improve Habitarium
by dawwetje
Description: Here's a list of some improvements to make the game more manageable and perhaps more fun.

Week - 515

Chia Bomber 2 – Shooting Through the Neighborhood
by dawwetje
Description: Do you like Chias? But you don't like bombing Chias? Then Chia Bomber 2 is the game for you!

Also written by fruityexotic

Week - 529

Attack of the Revenge – Slash those pirates!
by dawwetje
Description: Garin, a pirate at heart, the hero that helped save Maraqua, is starring in this thrilling game. He foolishly crossed sea paths with Captain Scarblade and this fearsome captain is out for revenge.

Also written by wesolini

Week - 534

Extreme Herder Guide – Chasing Around the Paddock!
by dawwetje
Description: What do you get when you put a Kacheek, a Lupe, a couple of petpets and a paddock together? That is right, Extreme Herder, the game!

Also written by wesolini

Week - 537

Neopian Battlefield Legends – The Ultimate Strategy!
by dawwetje
Description: Enemies are invading your land; it is your job to stop them!

Also written by wesolini

Week - 541

Mop 'n' Bop – Mop ‘till you drop!
by dawwetje
Description: Place of the riot: a very dirty Hall of Heroes; the offenders: a group of Altadorian petpets; the victim: one VERY angry janitor!

Also written by lute248

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